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Police Department Values of Lawrence, New Jersey

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The Law enforcement agency being considered is the Police department of Lawrence Township, New Jersey. The Police force is committed to improving the overall quality of life in the township by running several community programs. Its detective bureau deals solving with crucial issues such as crime and thereby reducing the fear associated with it. The department plans to achieve these goals by working hand-in-hand with the people of the community and by adopting a pro-active approach.

The fundamental values of the police force are to defend the honor of serving the people of its community and maintaining the highest ethical standards, while fostering continuous growth of knowledge. The financial budget of the Lawrence Township police department needs to be well-planned to enable law enforcement officers to effectively perform their job of serving the community as well as maintaining law and order. It has to consider factors such as salary and wages of police officers, patrol car maintenance, cost of weaponry and information technology infrastructure.

It also has to allocate some money for the contingency fund, which would come in handy during a natural calamity or financial crisis. Effective HR staffing, proper equipment allocation and periodic accounting would help to accomplish the department’s goals with the available resources. An Integrated Database Management System (IDMS) would help in integrating all the personal information and human resource data pertaining to officers employed in Lawrence Township police department. The data collected for building this database has been acquired from the Office of the Police Chief and Lawrence Township’s official website.

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This information is stored as tables using MS Access database program. The data can be modified by appending records in the stored tables. Furthermore, the data can be used by setting up queries for desired fields. The IDMS can help identify suitable officers for particular tasks by setting up filters to choose records matching a particular criterion. However, the database needs to be regularly updated with new data for optimal utilization.

Reference: Police Department. (2007). Lawrence Township. Retrieved 14 August, 2007 from, <http://www. lawrencetwp. com/police. html>.

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