Introduction of Hospitality Industry

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During the technology improving, the world is becoming much smaller and more and more integrated; people are more willing and able to pay more time and money on travel and leisure. “According the World Tourism Organization, international tourism is expected to grow at an average of 4. 1 percent though 2020, ending with a total of 1. 6 billion tourists traveling worldwide. ” [1] Therefore there are a lot of opportunities for the hospitality industry to improve.

In these years, the hospitality industry had a huge improvement, and many top companies are looking for the new marketing in the emerging economies, such as Carlson, Hyatt, and Hilton. “Our Ambition 2015 strategy entails growing our hotel portfolio by at least 50 percent to reach over 1,500 hotels in operation by 2015. ”[2] However, we are still facing many problems and difficulties in the different hotels, such as Human Resources management, guest satisfactions and food safety.

In this project, I am going to analysis the problem in the hotel and find the solutions for the problem which are based on the academic, then give the SWOT of my topic. I did my internship in Radisson Blu in China; position was F&B cross training, so my problem is based on my own real experiences. My problem is the lack of employees of the F&B Department. The solutions will link to the Human Resources, on the management skill side, that should be team work, time management and motivation.

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From the project, we will know the working process of the F&B Department, the guest’s satisfactions and how to motivate the employee and let them do the contributions to the hotel. Lack of employees is a general problem for the hotels, so the limit for the research is hard to find the special theory or method to solve the problem. Analysis the Problem: Hospitality is a huge industry. It is a high-growth projected for the global hotel industry.

Estimated 112,000,000 employees in the worldwide hospitality industry and this number will only grow. [3] In this situation, every hotel needs a big group of employees; therefore, the lack of employees is a general problem in the industry. Under the background of my experiences, in China, there are not a lot of people willing to join this industry. For the first reason, the wages are not really high. Secondly, cost a long period of time to get a good position. Thirdly, only a few of people did the rofessional education on the hospitality. In my hotel, lack of employees is a main problem, especially for the F&B Department. That causes we cannot make the guests 100% satisfaction, because nobody put the services into the details. Also, the division of labor is not clear also is the consequence. For example, one employee does the lobby bar work; in the meantime she also is a hostess. That means, if the guests are coming together, she is not going to take care both of them. That is a loophole in the work. SWOT Strengths |Weaknesses | |Employees have higher wages because there is a shortage in the |No detail, unique or particular services | |industry |No professional employees so no professional services | |Good environment to work | | |Opportunities | | |More jobs are offering | | |Many new companies and stages in the market | | Solution: The F&B should notice the HR to hire more employees and part- timers. For the employees, the HR and the F&B should work together, use the professional standard to do the particular training which is based on the weaknesses of the [1] American Hotel and Lodging Association [2] Carlson official website [3] International Labor Organization

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