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Reflection Essay on Internship

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In considering the Internship component I feel Ilke there are a lot of opportunities In Quito that support a wide variety of my interests. want to work with a non-profit that works on a grassroots organizing level with the populations that do not fit into the mainstream of Comment: Make sure you specify what sector you would like to work in (business, arts, non-profit, government, etc. ) Comment: Once you have chosen a sector, Is there a specific focus that you would Ilke to work with?

Education, grassroots, public service etc. Ecuadorian society. Specifically, an organization that works with internal migration from the Comment: The more specific you are, the better! Andes or Colombia due to Plan Colombia) or with prison populations would be perfect for me. I have significant experience with solidarity organizations but more limited experience with groups that function squarely within marginalized groups and I would like to be able to transfer those skills.

Another interest of mine that I have done some academic work around but that I would really love to engage further is to look at the gender/race/class implications of the coca industry and the War on Drugs. Populations that are Involved In this are often Indigenous and very poor, and omen occupy a unique position In this ongoing struggle. while In Peru In 2005 1 worked with female prisoners, who were overwhelmingly there because of drug trafficking. Comment: Do you have any past experiences that you feel will prepare you for this internship?

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Working with people who are struggling to Integrate themselves into cultural norms which they do not naturally fit will compliment the work that will be doing In St. Paul with recent Comment: Mention any on-campus or summer experiences that relate immigrants over the summer and will give me further insight into how race and other identities shift in transition and migration. According to Its website HECUA offers internships with organizations that work with Comment: Do research on past internship!

Talk to 1 OF3 tne organlzatlon, or 100K on tnelr weDslte Tor information on past internships - include specifics on the logistics of the internship migration and prisons. Both Casa del Migrante (House of the Migrant) and CEDHU (a Human Rights, Prison Rights group) are on the list of possible placements incorporate education into their framework which is something that is very important to me. Through courses I have taken such as Experiences in Education and Urban Political

Change and also work I have done in high school I have come to highly value education as a means for social change. I have worked at the Comment: Discuss past internships that directly relate to your chosen field International Center of New York, and will do similar work at Neighborhood House and both these institutions have developed a commitment to adult education and a desire to connect adults with educational opportunities that will give them both survival skills but also a greater insight into their situations and the world around them.

I also want to work with indigenous populations, specifically the Quechua people, ho Comment: Incorporate your specific academic goals and relate them to your chosen internship make up a large percentage of the populations in both Ecuador and Peru. When I was in Peru I was in an almost entirely Quechua city and I would be very interested in juxtaposing that with a more diverse city in terms of race and class.

I am very interested in how indigenous culture transitions into the city. In addition to having worked with Quechua communities in Peru, I also Comment: State your learning goals for the internship have many Quechua Peruvians in my family, and through watching their experience ave developed a keen interest into how that identity is somewhat malleable and how it plays out after leaving a majority Quechua world.

Not only do I have personal connections to this group but I have done a considerable amount of research around the Quechua Indians as a social movement in Indigenous People's Movements last year and thus working in an organizing situation side-byside with this population would really compliment my academic research. Comment: Discuss your educational goals and trajectory - what classes have you taken that prepare you for this internship? In closing, tne perTect nt organization Tor me would De one tnat comDlnes polltlcal organizing with community work, i. . one that addresses both the structural and the personal sides of an issue”migration, drug trafficking, etc. An organization like this is what I have trained here at Macalester to admire and I feel like the combination of real world solutions and social critique would teach me a lot and give me an opportunity to contribute. Comment: You should also include any information you have about how the program will grade you on this internship - are you required to keep Journals, write a paper, do a presentation etc?

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