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Internship Final Paper

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Gulf Overseas is a recruitment and Manpower outsourcing organization that offers professional domestic services. They deal with daily or post construction cleaning. They recruit cleaning staff that have specialized in different cleaning and organizing tasks that cover the sitting rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and even mosques. They guarantee quality-cleaning services from the team of dedicated cleaners at the preferred regular intervals the client will request. To ensure they maintain the same level of quality their staff will supervise the work regularly.

Gulf Overseas provides the various kinds of skilled workers required to run homes and small businesses at the best rates while ensuring quality performance of the tasks.

Gulf Overseas operates a well-established network of national offices that serves local, national and international organisations in all market sectors. The company provides placement opportunities aimed at successfully matching the requirements of our wide range of customers with those of the candidate’s choice of career.

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Internship Final Paper

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A board of management based at the head office runs the company. The board comprises of the General Manger, Finance Manager, Human Resources Manager, Operations Manager and Sales Manager. Team leaders, a majority of whom have grown through the various posts, run the satellite offices. In order to maintain its pole position in the industry the offices fall into three regions each with a Regional Sales Head. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) links the head office to the offices. The management has acquired state-of-the-art equipment to enable fast and efficient services to the clientele.

Job Description: Intern-Human Resources Representative

The role holder will assist the company achieve maximum profitability and growth within an assigned region by effectively selling the company’s services.

Main functions:

▪ Secures orders from new and existing clients through a relationship- based method

▪ Assists clients to select the services that best suit them

▪ Select the right candidates to be employed

▪ Revise different types of training needed and to whom

Details of functions

▪ Sets up and sustains business relations with new and existing clients

▪ Contacts, visits and conducts presentations to clients

▪ Researches sources for new customers and determines their potential

▪ Develops written proposals for clients

▪ Expedites the resolving of customer complaints

▪ Evaluates the market’s potential and establishes the value of potential and existing customers to the company

▪ Organizes sales effort with the assistance of other core departments

▪ Makes and manages a customer value plan for existent customer and hire towards customers desires (Regarding type of house keep etc)

▪ Recognizes the benefits and links them to the company’s services

▪ Formulates and manages a sales strategy for the concerned market segment

▪ Makes and supplies written and oral reports to the management

▪ Keeps track of any internal and external changes that may affect the company’s offerings in the market

▪ Takes part in exhibitions and trade shows

Educational background: enrolled for a degree course or graduated within the last year with a degree in field of internship.

Other qualifications: demonstrate aptitude in problem solving, capacity to establish solutions for customers. Must be results-oriented and able to work with minimum supervision and in a team environment

Skills required:

▪ Excellent communication, negotiation and organisational skills

▪ Familiarity with MS Office Suite Applications

▪ A valid driving license

Schedule: 45 hours in a week

Remuneration: a monthly salary of $250


Benchmarking (Week 1): The intern-sales representative role aims at giving the role holder hands on experience at the workplace while practicing what he/she has learned in class. The intern is required to meet the set weekly target of two new clients who require the cleaning services. This accumulates to the monthly target where the management rewards the best performers.

Interviews (Week 2): The Human Resources Manager, the Operations Manager and the Regional Sales Head conduct the interviews for these positions. The interviews last between fifteen to twenty minutes and cover personal attributes, educational background, work experience and situational analysis. They then contact successful candidates in a week, after which they embark on a training program before starting on their duties

Compensation, staffing and bonus (Week 3): Gulf Overseas regularly receives applications and recruits for the various positions at the office level. The company pays its employees and interns on the 28th of every month. It also offers a comprehensive medical insurance cover for all engaged employees. To encourage high performance the company offers bonuses at the end of each year.

Exit Interviews (Week 4): Gulf Overseas conducts exit interviews at the end of the internship period. Some of the things that they wish to know include whether the intern’s career goals have been met, what new skills has the intern acquired, what theoretical concepts has the intern practiced in the period, any positive and negative features in the period and suggestions for improving future programs. To vision such targets they sit the intern down as one of the panel, and he/she interviews a few interviewees.

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