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Internship Report Sample

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Is week 5 now, I have getting used to a lot of working procedure here and can handle customer all by myself. Besides handling customer, I also try to response and monitor the social page of the company in order to keep the page active and response to people who needed our services. In addition, I also practice how to use Photoshop during free time. On the other hand, learning how to use photoshop is not an easy job. I have try to create something but fail and end up passing the job to my colleague that is specialize on designing things.

Nevertheless, I will keep on learning and hope that I can master it as soon as possible. Week 6 was different, besides of monitoring the social page and customer services, I worked in the workshop of the company and help in their production. In addition, I also follow one of my supervisors to some of the working site. Since it is week 6, I have watch how to produce some of the product in the workshop many times. So now I know how to help out my colleague in a right way to increase the production speed.

Although I have make some minor mistake at the start, but it went down quite well after few times. My colleague also helps to fix my mistake and taught me how to do it correctly. Is week 7, everyday seems to be like a routine this week. Each morning I will open up the social media network which is Facebook to reply messages or enquiries on post that I post in the company page. If customer is convince to our service, I will proceed to payment and start processing their product. Besides that, I will also open up our email go do some email marketing and also see whether they is any reply in the mail.

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Internship Report Sample

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Week 8 is a bit challenging, I’m still doing those routine everyday but this week our supervisor ask me and my other colleague to create information for a new webpage. We will need to prepare price of the quotation for all the product need to be list in the webpage. Besides that, we also have to list out all the area that our company services are covering. There is a lot of problem during the process because we keep on editing the file until our supervisor is satisfied with our information.

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