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Internet Addiction

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The negative effects of technology are always very controversial; no one really knows how technology is going to affect us in the future. Google an internet giant, directs the user to any information he/she is looking for. The sole purpose of Google is to make knowledge accessible to everyone. On the other hand, many people believe that we are starting to rely heavily on Google. In the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid” by Nicholas Carr, he states his fear of the Internet and explains how Google has already started to change his mind in the way he retains information.

In a total different point of view, CEO Eric Schmidt states that Google is not to be feared and that it is here to help. Both of these articles are completely opposite of each other but Carrs’ argument is more effective than Erics’ presentation. In Carr’s article he argues how the internet has grown over the years. Although information is available by a click of a button, the internet is influencing both our mind and our reading habits, life without Internet is unthinkable, so much so that it has become a universal medium.

Carr grabs the attention of the reader by stating a quote from a movie “2001: A Space Odyssey,” the final scene where Dave loses his mind (533). After that, Carr makes a connection of how the movie ends and how deep reading is a struggle due to the countless hours on the internet. The purpose of Carr’s article is to inform his rhetorical audience about what he endures by the internet. After stating his argument that deep reading is a struggle Carr later provides personal examples to enhance his credibility.

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Carr argues that his peers and colleagues specially literary ones, have the same problem, even Scott Karp confesses that he stops reading books and does all his reading on the Internet. (534). After that, Carr states that not only our deep reading is being affected but also our brain. Since the brain is malleable, it constantly breaks old connections to form new ones. Therefore if a person stops reading and uses the Internet more frequently the brain will adjust and have more connections for online browsing.

As every good writer, Carr cites many scientist and university research making his argument more clear and concrete. Finally Carr gives a brief history of technological advances and how it affected human life, he explains that the Internet may diminish our capacity for concentration and contemplation as well as lead to other detrimental effects on cognition. Then he transcends to the internet saying that the human brains are like an outdated computer that needs a faster processor and a bigger hard drive (539). Narrowing down to Google, Carr provides various plans that Google might have.

For instance one is where our brain is replaced by an artificial one, making the person’s brain a computer, able to download any information from the Internet. At the end of his article Carr argues that not only is it a future event, but it is happening at this moment. The Internet is used daily, therefore people rely on computers to mandate our understanding of the world, that our own intelligence is becoming an artificial one. (541). Carr not only tries to convey his experience to middle-aged men but also for many people who use the internet.

Carr uses anecdotes and reflections in his argument to makes it less dull, therefore, the reader is not easily distracted. As he progress throughout his article he uses ethos to portray the fame and trust of Google. Since Google is very poipular he states that Google is now seeking for new ways for internet users to use the web. In another words it would correct people on their search throughout the Internet, memorize their frequent search and learn how a certain people thinks just by their online browsing.

Then logos is use frequently because he starts of his argument presenting many technological achievements, after that he states how people feared it and how many used it to their advantage, Carr later explains how it is relevant. Finally citing a University or scientists to make his argument more credible. To conclude he finally uses pathos to strike fear in the reader he states “You should be skeptical of my skepticism” (540) it causes the reader to analyze his main points, and create doubt to wonder if in reality technological advances are for the better.

In response, Google CEO Eric Schmidt did a presentation about future technology and the economy. After a while Schmidt starts talking about his plans, he often states that he is very optimistic about technology that he has no fear and technology is here to help us. Eric states that his plan for Google is to expand even further, to give other people a chance to portray themselves. For instance in the website YouTube many people from various ages, upload videos and share with the world their personalities, they connect with many people and encourage them to follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Schmidt argues that the Internet has a positive side it connects people, many people use social networks such as MySpace or Facebook. Schmidt sees the Internet in a positive way; he argues that the Internet will bring economic, educational, and political opportunities to billion of people. Therefore many people will have a fair education and if they have a doubt of some sort people should just go online and check it. Also he states that he has read Carr arguments and believes that in some extent he is correct that the Internet is changing the way people think.

Therefore he says that people should not use the Internet as much. Also another way he counteracts Carrs arguments is by saying that the only way to people not having so much fear is to have clarity, he repeats it many times throughout his presentation trying to prove his point. Schmidt presents mainly to other business men at his convention, but since it is put online he also tries to reach out the younger adults that visit the popular website YouTube. Schmidt uses ethos by proving the facts of scientific research done at the Google headcounters.

Schmidt used logos to state historical facts of how the Japanese rejected fire weapons and stayed with the sword because it seemed more elegant. Finally pathos by providing confidence to the audience, with a very optimistic view for technology also by introducing his dream that one day humanity can have chips in their head so that people can get vast knowledge anywhere in the world. Both are very strong claims, even if they argue against each other Carr and Schmidt provide examples to explain what they are saying. Schmidt did a more modern approach by doing a speech, but Carr wrote down his ideas and beliefs and printed them out in a book.

Schmidt’s speech was mainly focused on the more upper class men, and to any other person it would of seem dull. While Carrs argument maintained the reader’s attention by using short stories, but most effectively he analyzed the story and prove his argument with the short story. Eric seems to just talk, to where the audience seems lost. While Carr uses pathos to show his fear but also transmit the fear to the audience. In another words Carrs argument is not only about facts but also a persuasive article to change the readers thought about technology.

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