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The Issues of Internet Addiction and the Issues That Lead to Major Psychological Problems

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It goes without saying that Internet addiction is the number one cause for a broken family, academic, financial as well as occupational relationships Excessive use of the web has been seen to cause emotional symptoms of online addiction such as feeling guilt, anxiety, depression, dishonesty, isolation, defensiveness, agitation as well as avoiding work. Physical symptoms such as a backache, headaches, weight gain/loss, sleep anomalies, carpal tunnel syndrome, blurred vision as well as eating irregularities have been the resultant effect of internet use disorders, Other symptoms associated with internet use addictions include information overload leading to decreased productivity and fewer interactions, According to Carson- DeWitt and Jasmer (2015), compulsions brought about by addiction to gaming, gambling, as well as auctions, have led to bankruptcy as well as conflicts, fights and death in the extreme.

Moreover, cybersex and cyber—relationship addiction have led to the distortion of real-life relationships with peers, family, and friends. Internet addiction disorder is indeed a problematic behavior that has adversely affected health or family problems, developmental issues, cultural and generational issues, Internet addiction is a relatively new condition and is therefore not listed in American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition (DSM~5). According to DSM75, Internet addiction is not an official diagnosis. I do not agree with the decision not to include internet use disorder in the DSM-S since internet addiction is a real time life issue affecting young people especially the children. According to me, internet addiction shares many typical characteristics with many other traditional addictions and therefore constitutes a problematic behavior.

Internet addiction has not yet been investigated for a long time like mental health conditions, and thus it has not yet been established how many people have been affected by the disorder (Gregory, no), Internet use disorder (IUD) should be an area of further study In the edition of 2013, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) recommended it for further research Though it is not yet decided on whether IUD is a legitimate diagnosis requiring treatment, future research should be focused on providing a cure to this addiction (Winkler, Dorsing, Rief, Shen & Glombiewski, 2013) At present, treatment of UID involves use of antidepressants such as escitalopram, Vivitrol and wellbutrin drugs options, Choosing multiple aftercare options such as counseling, therapies, yoga, hiking, support groups should also be added to the list of remedies for mu.

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