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At the initial stages, the International Division started out with handling import facilitation for large consumer of Fuel Oils. The divisions also engaged in direct export of lubricating oils to countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia. In order to expand its operations and tab export market, the Division has started appointing distributors for marketing to lubricating oils & specialty products. Presently, distributors in Nepal, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka are regularly marketing HP Products in these countries and we are actively looking at appointing distributors in Africa & Malaysia.

With the rapid changes that are taking place in the Indian Petroleum scenario, the International Division is fast gaining a reputation in the markets. Apart from handling exports of surplus refinery products for HPCL, the International Division has started facilitation of Naphtha exports for the Oil & Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) and is actively seeking new opportunities. HPCL has exported bulk petroleum products such as Naphtha, Fuel Oils and Gasoline mostly to countries in Far East. LUBRICANTS

HPCL has six lube blending plants at Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai and Silvassa. Based on extensive market research, the lubes business unit has launched several new brands, which have become highly successful in the market. A large number of new industrial grades have also been introduced to meet specific requirements of industrial consumers. HPCL has also introduced a large number of Exclusive Lube Distributors who are accessing remote corners of the Bazaar trade. To cater to small volume customers, HPCL has recently launched CFAs

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Our market now rxtends to countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia RETAIL The retail business unit of HPCL is oriented towards delivering better and faster service to consumers. Recognizing that our consumers will be better served by offering them a wide range of non-fuel services, the corporation has sized the opportunity through some extensive market research banked initiatives. Our new retail brand, ‘Club HP’ seeks to redefine the way fuels are retailed in India.

Offering the promise of outstanding care for the costumer and the vehicle, Club HP will create a large base of loyal consumers who will look for the distinct red and blue logo whenever they need fuel for their vehicle. Club HP outlets offer one stop convenience so that one can do many things in same window of time - pay his bills, shop for groceries, visit the ATM, get a quick check done on their vehicle and even arrange servicing and repairs if need arises. Club HP outlets in major cities offer new generation fuels, blended with specially imported multi-functional additives.

Power, our branded petrol has created a niche for itself and is already a favourite of the discerning consumers. Turbojet, the first branded diesel to be launched in country, is proving to the equally the favourite of the personal diesel vehicle owners in urban markets. The business unit has also introduced a novel pre-paid smart card called ‘HP Smart 1’ to make shopping at HPCL outlets even more convenient and fun. Employing the advanced technological innovations available today the ‘HP Smart 1’ makes cashless payment a reality.

The ‘HPCL-ICICI Bank Credit Card’ has already proven to be the preferred credit card among vehicle owners, with nearly 9,25,000 cards already in the market. Our latest innovation, a Fleet Card, ‘Drive Track’ has – a fleet management tool has already hit the market place. A national wide chain of convenience stores, tie-ups with leading fast-food and refreshment companies to set up food counters, a special arrangement with Fed Ex to provide world class courier service, facilitation of vehicle insurance, international money faster counters- it is all happening at the HP retails outlets.

All you need to do is just drive in! AVIATION HP Aviation offers into-plane fuel service at the major airports in India. Hindustan Petroleum’s Aviation Service Facilities, Intermediate Storage Installations and Laboratories handling Jet Fuel are approved and periodically audited by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Government of India (DGCA). HP Aviations installations at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Cochin and Calicut are certified to the ISO 9001:2000 standards.

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