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In Africa, AIDS Has a Woman’s Face

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The article In Africa, AIDS Has a Woman’s Face is about how women in rural Africa play a big role in the all around living of their families and how AIDS and H. I. V. is affecting it. What would be the outcome of Africa’s future if woman were no longer able to carry the same duties because of the AIDS epidemic? One of the main things is that woman in Africa are the back bone to the families and communities in general. Women are the ones that make all the decision and do the agricultural work. As we could say it, they are the ones that keep society going.

There are many strengths in this income is coming in because of the agricultural and families are healthier for that. The author states, “When women are fully involved, the benefits can be seen immediately: Families are healthier; they are better fed; their income, savings, and reinvestments go up (Annan 307). But the same way we can see there are strengths, there is also a weakness. Most of the people that get affected by AIDS and H. I. V. are women.

The author states, “ A United Nations report released last month shows that women now make up 50 percent of those infected with H. I. V. orldwide- and in Africa that figure is now 59 percent (Annan 307). This just means that we need to help them women especially in the prevention of H. I. V. and AIDS. From personal experiences I strongly believe women are the backbone in any family. For example, I take care of feeding my husband and children as well as the women in this article. As Annan writes, “Women were the ones who found alternative foods that could sustain their children in time of drought (308). In my case, that is something I tend to do when money is tight. Educating my children in the best way possible, it is one of the things that I pray for over and over.

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Even that I am constantly letting them know what is right from wrong, as well as inculcating our cultural Hipic habits. Annan states, “The recent United Nations report shows that H. I. V. infection rates in Uganda continue to decline (309). This means not only at that particular place, but in many different throughout Africa. That just shows how parents and teachers are getting more involved in the education of prevention of AIDS and H. I. V. I strongly believe that the women in Africa are an essential part of living and life. In Africa, women are the ones that keep everything going for a living.

I totally agree with the author on educating the children the different ways of prevention for such a bad infection like it is AIDS and H. I. V. My husband donates directly out from his check to the AIDS foundation. Because I believe people should be educated on diseases and preventions. Women also are the ones that in most cases keep the families together as I do for mine. Many of the things I read on this article like how women are the core of a family in Africa to the education and prevention of AIDS and H. I. V. All these things are what we need to help on, so that Africa’s future won’t look much more affected and dark.

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