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Impression management

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Impression management is considered the goal-directed conscious or insensate process in which people endeavor to influence the perceptions of other people about a certain individual object or event; the question was asked "In what situation are you most likely to use impression management? Most would argue that the times best for Impression management would be in the workplace.

Most would agree that this type of action happens in the workplace all the time; this would be the attempt to alter the perceptions of others by acting In a certain way around them. One of the places that most would say you would not have to use Impression management Is at home. To be In an environment where you do not have to worry about others and what they think of you can be a reliever. When we feel that we can be who we are without having to Impress others, we tend to have a better chance to relax and truly be that person we want and truly are.

The typical differences In these situations would be as follows; let's say you work at a company where there are many professionals who dress up to impress others on the job, So you would decide to do the same so that you will fit in and you will be accepted. The only difference is that when you are at home, you will not feel this has to be done because there is no one there to impress or if you have a family and are out with them, you dress as you would like because you feel that you do not have to impress the ones who love you for who you are.

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I can definitely recall a time when I was out at a party that was being held for my fiance©e. All of his co workers and family were present, naturally I began to play the role of the great soon to be wife that everyone looked up too. I made sure I wore the best cloths, shared my greatest accomplishments, and interacted with workers, family, and friends to show I had a humorous side. I gave them everything I had to prove that I was a great person. After the event I found my self going back home exhausted and wondering how will I do this again at the next function.

Most would agree it is hard to pretend all the time it takes plenty of work to do. I was exhausted because normally I would not react or be open to speaking with every single person who I felt that I had nothing in common with. I have found that it Is best to let others like you for who you are, and not to work so hard to gain reindeer's from others who expect you to be what they want you to be, this Is simply because you are really not being you. If you can not be you then It Is not worth the headache.

There was also a time, when I went out to a gathering to meet up with ladles from different parts of the city, when I arrived I Immediately went Into discussing my achievements, and sharing Jokes that did not seem to work with the crowd. I honestly do not know why It failed. I can only think the reason this happened was because I was with a more conservative group. They were not the over the top crowd I normally Interact with. I do not think that using the self handicap strategy would be a good idea for these cases.

If I had to use a handicap strategy it would be refusing to even try so that I will not have to worry about failure. However, that would not be a good thing because I continued using this strategy it could allow me to never be successful or follow through any venture that I set out for myself. I would not recommend doing this at all. The importance is being able to have a balance, and knowing what to do and what not to do. Ultimately it is better to be your self and not strive to please others.

Impression management essay

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