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My first impression

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My first impression looking at your resume is that it has a lot of information that no one ever reads because of the presentation. Graphically, your resume is simply to gray. It needs more use of white space and better formatting to call attention to the highlights of your experience and your background. Next, I was struck by the use of the courtesy title “Dr. ” in the opening information.

If you are wanting to teach, this could be appropriate, but otherwise instead of emphasizing your educational background (which is a good thing) and your perseverance in earning a Ph. D. in business administration, it makes people think medical doctor. Forgoing the honorific and moving you education to a more prominent place in your resume may be advantageous. Additionally, I think your resume needs to be focused regarding the job that you are seeking. While your CDL and HVAC licensing is interesting, it left me wondering how it qualified you to run a business (I believe international management is the goal, right? )

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I like the idea of making this an executive level resume with a separation out of core competencies and key achievements, but I think this resume falls short for a few reasons: 1) There are a lot of buzz words with specifics to back them up. I like the 36% increase, but you should not for whom. 2) There is a lot of information in this resume and not a format that makes me want to keep reading it. We need to find a more appealing presentation.

I would suggest considering a more curriculum vitae type format, replacing the academic experience section with management experience. The format is cleaner and provides employers with a greater image of you as their executive. Finally, and this is only because I live in southern Illinois, I noticed that the address is Indiana, but both the phone numbers listed have a 618 area code. Is that correct? Thank you for using our evaluation services. I hope this will aid you in your career development.

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