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Below is a free essay on "Importance Of Tuition Reimbursement" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Importance of Tuition Reimbursement And Adult Learning Education is an important tool for individuals as well as companies. Tuition reimbursement and extra time for adult learning can benefit both an employee and an organization.

Providing tuition reimbursement for employees will promote loyalty, smarter employees who will benefit the company by having employees who are more understanding of profits, inventory, and working with others, as well as create future managerial prospects to better companies as a whole. Loyal employees are a major asset to companies and play a significant role in the success, efficiency, and effectiveness that a company achieves. Loyal employees will go the extra mile to delight customers and are highly motivated in their work. These employees would also resist offers of other jobs and would recommend their company to potential employees” (Prewitt, 2003). By promoting loyalty, employees are more likely to be on time, stay with the company at least until their education is finished and are likely to continue with the company and be promoted.

The more motivation and morale employees have from taking advantage of tuition assistance, the better example they will be for other employees and the more other employees will look up to these motivated employees. Motivated employees get others motivated which can lead to higher self-esteem, which can result in higher productivity of the overall company. The more motivated employees are the more work that gets accomplished.

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Another benefit from companies providing tuition reimbursement for employees is to better the success of the company and to improve the overall performance of the company. “While employees are attending school, employers get the advantage of new knowledge and innovative ideas put into practice right in the workplace. Employees, in turn, have the opportunity to apply their education to real business situations. And, their educational pursuits may...

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