Why Universities Shouldn’t Increase Tuition Every Year

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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One major problem with universities today is that they are constantly raising tuition fees. I'm not talking about raising tuition every now and then, I'm talking about those colleges that increase their tuition every year. With today's economy, this is simply not helping the students. The university I am currently attending is planning on increasing the tuition by almost $1,000. This is crazy. What colleges need to start doing is taking a better look at how they are spending their money. It is not the students' fault when the university takes on more than it can handle and has to find ways to make more of a profit.

Colleges are already way too expensive for the average person. Most of the time, even with help from federal student aid, students are still having to pay more than they can afford. This forces them to take out loans that they may not be able to pay back in the future. Universities are not considering the fact that the economy is getting to the point where people who went to college and have a degree can't even get a job. Students are doing all the right things by going to college, building their resume, and gaining experience in the real world, but it just isn't enough to get a job.

There are too many people competing for just a small amount of jobs that too many people end up empty handed. And when they have to start paying back their loans, they can't do it because they don't have the money. Universities who raise their tuition every year are putting students in an even worse situation. There are other areas of the university where they can find money to make up for whatever they are losing. They just don't look into those possibilities. They just think that the easiest way to solve their problems is to charge the students more money.

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There are close to 30,000 students who attend my university. If they charge each student an extra $1,000, they will have an increase of $30 million. That's insane to ask students for that much more money. It used to be so much cheaper to go to college. Students used to be able to pay for college much easier, especially if the federal government was helping out. Now, everything is changing and for all the wrong reasons. Students already have to pay for books, housing, meal plans, living expenses, and all these other things in addition to their tuition.

Why burden them with even more to pay for? It's not right. It's even worse for students who go to college out of their state. They get charged almost double what a state resident would get charged. These students have no choice but to live on campus and pay even more money. Those who are attending college deserve to get what they pay for. They are getting an education in order to live a good life and to get a good job. Instead of getting this out of their college education, they get this crazy debt that will take their entire lives to pay off.

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