Is the Cost of College Tuition to High?

Last Updated: 22 Mar 2021
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There has been recent chatter that the cost of college tuition is rising more and more each year. It’s a definite setback to every college students especially those of us who can barely afford to pay for community college. It almost forces us to consider taking out college loans just for first two years of college. But is that even a safe choice? Currently, as of Monday, CNN reporters have announced that college loan interest rates are doubling 6. 8% on July, 1st. Now, I know that loans aren’t the only way to help pay off college.

There is always FAFSA, but even FAFSA has cut down on funding and is making it a little trickier to receive the pell grant with their new policies and guidelines. Even though College is very important and a path to a bright and successful future the cost of our tuition is very discouraging. Its honestly a scary thought and it adds another heavy brick to the stress wagon. But According to research there are fine reasons to why the situation has been lead to the where its at today. Odland, Steve. "College Costs Our of Control. " This article explains how education is an essential part of the American life but it also establishes the expenses and how expensive everything has gotten for a college student today. Education is the counterbalance in our country, people can grow up with very little but have a gateway to success by using education. I really like how this article explains how important education is regardless of the price or school. It gives clear and current data of how much each degree pays off in the end.

The information in this article would be useful in a sense to explain how important an education is and what it can deliver in our country. This would be great info to build a perspective for some one who is looking to enroll into college because it gives it an encouraging tone. Nielson, Amy. "Is College Getting Too Expensive for Americans ? "  In the article Is college getting too expensive for Americans The author Amy Nielson Explains How much the depth for college expenses has grown.

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She elaborates on students would have to go to colleges closer to home, rather than choosing a college of their preference. For some people the cost of college even limits their choice to picking a career because the cost of your tuition also depends on your career choice. They would also have to cut down on transportation and basic essentials such as food, maintenance, technology... Etc. She concludes by saying that 36% of college students don’t gain the skills they paid for in college, or they aren’t content with their college education.

This article would definitely show Both students and administration how the cost of high tuition can give a negative impact on our students by limiting them to go further or choosing what they really want to do. I would probably just use this article for its static’s since a lot of it is much similar to my other sources. Hechinger, John. "U. S. Colleges Raise Tuition 4. 8%, Outpacing Inflation. " Bloomberg. com. Bloomberg, 24 Oct. 2012. Web. 30 June 2013. With that being said, in my next source U. S colleges Raises tuition 4. 8%, Outpacing inflation explains how drastically tuition has risen in America.

It states in the year 2012-2013 they have increased tuition by 4. 2% leaving tuition at 30k / year. This article defines how much debt there has been since 2011 and how other financial aides such as federal aide, and grants have been decreasing due to little government funding. This article also addresses an undesirable truth on how high college prices are and how much debt there has been. This would definitely be a perfect article for the college board, and administration. This would be very helpful trying to open up the eyes of my audience by showing the dramatic increase in college tuition.

Morici, Peter. "College Too High, Delivers Too Little. "  Web. 23 June 2013. In this editorial it discusses also the high cost of college but how colleges can rip off a student. Over the decades, Americans have been convinced that jobs are required to have certain skills and knowledge that require a college education such as managers, salesperson, electricians.. Etc. Job titles that were once learned by experience now require a degree or certification. The author Peter Morici is convinced that universities are taking advantage of this.

He feels that today institutions and universities focus more on the money than the education. Although this is more of a biased article the author explains well his opinions, and uses persuasive writing and facts to convince his audience. I could use some examples and ideas to do the same with my readers. Holtom, Brooks C. "College Is worth the Cost. "

Although it points out the flaws (which is mostly the expenses) it praises more the positive outcomes by explaining how much well off a person is with a college education is than someone with just a high school diploma. Using a piece like this would come in handy to an audience of younger people that could be discouraged to go to school. It explains very well the pros and cons, this could inform and give a college student and build their own personal opinion. This source was ok but a lot of it was a repeat the only distinction is that it shows both positive and negative points which was helpful, ut a lot of the information I already know. Gonzales, Sara.

"Why It's Harder for College Students to Get Financial Aid This Summer. "Amongst all of this we cant forget about FAFSA. FAFSA has also shrunk their privileges lately and instead replace them with more loans. Recently a lot of students have “maxed out their Grants during the fall and spring, having students not having enough for summer school. The reason why students have Maxed out their loans is because FAFSA doesn’t lend as much money because heir has been some recent changes to the qualifications, a significant one being that they lowered the amount of income a family can make in order to qualify. This article would be very well used in an article for students and the college board. This current information is important for a student to know and hopefully it would open of the college board to see how much our options are declining. Using this up to date information would be very effective in my research since it effects a lot of students such as myself.

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