What Are The Most Important Issues Discussed In The EU-Russia Dialogue

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In your opinion, what are the most important issues discussed in the EU-Russia dialogue, and why? How can the problems in the relations be solved? Experts believe that today Brussels and Moscow go through worst times in the history of bilateral relations. On the one hand, both sides are interested in collaboration, development of joint projects and strengthening of friendly ties. But on the other hand it’s really hard to come to a mutually agreeable solution, because of strained relations between Russia and individual EU member states and unwillingness to listen to each other. The most contentious issues for both sides are:

visa-free arrangements;
violation of human rights;

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economic and energy cooperation.

Discussions about first issue last long and one can’t say when they will come to the end. EU concerns about it are understandable, because in the case of visa-free regime a lot of immigrants from former USSR will captivate Europe. And not only them, but also criminals will come there. As to second problem, there is contradictory point of view. On the one hand, Russia is independent state with own laws and rules and nobody can intervene in its affairs.

But also we shouldn’t forget that Russia signed lots of conventions and treaties, dedicated to different aspects of human rights, and it has to adhere them. The last one is very important for both sides. Statistics say that more than half of Russian foreign trade accrues to European Union. At the same time Russia is the partner number three for EU economy. And the problem of energy supplies is still actual. Solutions:

To tell the truth, problems between EU and Russia can’t be solved in one moment. It will take a lot of time, energy, lots of mutual agreements before they will be able to settle their problem. Also from my point of view, both sides should forget about egoism and try to understand that now when whole world is globalised and interdependent the most precious skill for all states is to make concessions.

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