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Implementation on teaching and learning approach

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    Nizwa College of Technology ( NCT ) follows a strategic program to accomplish its Vision and Mission as stated in NCT College Strategic Plan ( CSP ) . One of the ends of NCT is to offer high quality of instruction, larning and developing chances to all its pupils in line with the demands of the market [ Goal 2, NCT CSP ] . To guarantee that all the sub-goals [ Sub-Goal 2.a, 2.b, 2.c, 2.d ] pertaining to instruction and acquisition are achieved, the College through the Assistant Dean of Academics ( AD Academics ) encourages all academic staff to implement the ADRI [ QAM, p73 ] analysis in their instruction and larning map. The ADRI theoretical account for learning and acquisition is developed by AD Academics and is traveling to be presented in 13 June 2010 in the International Conference on Higher Education and Quality Assurance in Mazoon College, Muscat.


    In line with its aims, the first NCT Quality Assurance workshop for the College staff was conducted on 16th October 2008 where one of the subjects discussed is ADRI theoretical account. In his presentation, AD Academics explained to the participants how to efficaciously utilize the ADRI theoretical account in the assorted procedures they are making in the behavior of their work. He specifically provided an ADRI theoretical account related to class bringing and other related activities. The AD Academics requested the academic staff to get down utilizing ADRI in their instruction and larning map. The execution of the ADRI analysis in NCT started in Semester 1, 2008-2009.

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    To promote more staff to get down utilizing ADRI, the AD Academics launched the `` Best ADRI '' competition among the staff for A.Y. 2008-2009. A staff from IT has won the competition by coming up with the most elaborate ADRI for his class in IT Project.

    A 2nd ADRI presentation was conducted on 26th of May 2009 attended by about 110 NCT lectors. Harmonizing to NCT QAFU Portal, `` the AD Academics emphasized in his presentation the importance of utilizing the theoretical account in placing programs for learning every academic twelvemonth, purely following the said program, analysing the consequences afterwards, and so supplying suggestions for betterment to be carried out in the succeeding academic twelvemonth. He expound on the usage of the ADRI theoretical account in learning by giving illustrations and activities a lector can supply in each phase of the ADRI theoretical account, from attack to betterment. He said that it is really of import for the college to hold a unvarying execution of the ADRI theoretical account, peculiarly in learning and acquisition, so that an institutional criterion can be followed in respects the quality confidence work in this country. ''

    At the beginning, it was observed that merely 10 % of the academic staff is implementing ADRI analysis in instruction and acquisition and most of the staff have doubts on how to implement it decently. Likewise, many new staff has arrived in the College that needed orientation on ADRI so a 3rd presentation was given by the AD Academics on 8th February 2010 to familiarise new staff with how ADRI analysis could be implemented in their maps. Similarly, a new competition for `` Best ADRI '' for the current academic twelvemonth was initiated and the engagement is about 40 % .

    A study on ADRI Implementation in Teaching and Learning as shown in Appendix A was conducted in NCT to verify the consciousness of all academic staff. The study besides tries to get information from staff sing the importance of ADRI in their academic work and acquire feedback on the possibility of ADRI execution in other countries of work. Furthermore, the study tries to obtain feedback on jobs in ADRI execution and possible ways of bettering the usage of ADRI in NCT.

    The study was conducted in all academic sections of NCT including the Business ( Bus ) Department, English Language Center ( ELC ) , Engineering ( Engg ) Department and Information Technology ( IT ) Department. There are 47 % respondents or 73 out of 155 academic staff interrupt down into 18 respondents from Business, 10 from Engineering, 27 from ELC and 22 from IT section.

    The questionnaire has a sum of 22 inquiries which take the respondents feedback and perceptual experience on ADRI Awareness ( Aw ) , Acquisition ( Ac ) , Usefulness ( Us ) and Effectiveness ( Ef ) . Open-ended inquiries were besides included in the study to take the respondents sentiment and suggestions sing ADRI execution in instruction and acquisition.


    The consequence on Table 1 shows that the respondents agree that there is an `` mean '' consciousness on ADRI in footings of the information posted on the NCT web site, as a clear tool for appraisal and in footings of relaxation in implementing ADRI independently. The respondents besides perceived `` mean '' acquisition in footings of similitude to utilize ADRI in their everyday work. Respondents besides perceived ADRI as `` mean '' in footings of utility in heightening the pupil 's acquisition, as a tool for professional growing and for informing the staff how good they teach. In footings of effectivity, the respondents perceived that ADRI as `` mean '' in supplying better planning to academic work, increasing pupil interaction and engagement, and in bettering pupil 's consciousness.

    Table 4 shows that 57 % of the respondents think that ADRI helps in the immediate accommodation of learning pattern and 58 % agree that ADRI could be used to give justification of pupil results. Merely 38 % of the respondents agree that ADRI can be used to turn to all issues of instruction and larning although 72 % of them believe that it could be used to mensurate the booby traps and deficits in instruction and acquisition.

    Using the same study, feedback and suggestions were taken from the academic staff. Based on the feedbacks gathered, it is singular that utilizing ADRI made the academic staff aware of the importance of planning and good deployment attack in accomplishing the best consequences and covering more learning results. Harmonizing to the study, ADRI is the best tool for self-reflection and in happening out the countries that needs betterment and alteration. Furthermore, respondents agree that ADRI made the class bringing be aftering more effectual and helped a batch in bettering class stuffs, learning AIDSs and other teaching resources and methodological analysis. They all agree that betterments from self-assessment utilizing ADRI has a great impact on the pupils ' category engagement and involvement in the category. Some of the notable and interesting positive responses from the study are as follows:

    `` It made me more observant of what is go oning in the category and more sensitive to pupil 's demands ''

    `` We can measure ourselves in a better manner ''

    `` Better self-contemplation into manners of instruction, improved consciousness of the demand to better and modify certain countries ''

    `` No other better nutrient can replace ADRI in all our plants ''

    `` ADRI is passing the whole instruction procedure ''

    `` Any professional instructor unconsciously uses ADRI without believing about it ''

    `` ADRI is non a new tool, it is an in-built nature of the human existences ''

    Most of the respondents feel that ADRI could be implemented efficaciously if the semester continuance is longer and some of them feel that ADRI becomes uneffective if academic staff is given different classs every semester because there will be no continuity and the betterments made based on the consequences can non be implemented. Some of the important negative responses from the study are as follows:

    `` It requires more clip and paper work ''

    `` Since we are non certain about learning the same class once more, 'Improvement ' portion of ADRI is less practical ''

    `` Analytic survey utilizing ADRI become less relevant for uninterrupted quality betterment which must be carried out the undermentioned semester or rhythm of learning and larning ''

    `` Deficit of clip ''

    `` It is acquiring progressively hard to make anything because of increased bureaucratism, lesson program composing, memos, meeting, test readying, pupil monitoring, etc. ''


    Although 81 % of the respondents have used ADRI in their work and hold on the effectivity of utilizing ADRI in learning and acquisition, there is still 72 % that suggests for more information and workshops for better apprehension and execution. Some of the respondents suggested that best ADRI illustrations might be selected and discussed during the workshops so that more staff and pupils could profit from the procedure. Some of the respondents besides suggested that academic staff be required to fix ADRI merely in one  class per semester and ADRI could be implemented in all class when all the staff is already familiar in utilizing it.

    Based on the consequences gathered from the study, NCT through the AD of Academic Affairs is be aftering for more workshops sing ADRI execution on instruction and acquisition. The workshops will be by section so that more issues can be addressed. The best ADRI from the 2 competitions will be disseminated to all the staff so that that they will hold more information on how to fix ADRI and same ADRI samples will be discussed during departmental workshops. During the workshops, staff from each section could be grouped together and inquire to fix an ADRI based on a given instance scenario.

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