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Immigration Reform

Immigration and Immigration Reform Haley Johnson Axia College of University of Phoenix Thesis Statement: More and more immigrants are coming in to the United States each year, and we as a nation should truly reevaluate our immigration policies. Immigration and Immigration Reform The number of illegal immigrants who come into the United States each year is staggering, and the numbers just keep on increasing. Three million illegal immigrants come into the United States every year.

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(Bush 2009) This has been an increasing problem, and one that greatly affects the United States and its citizens.

More and more immigrants are coming in to the United States each year, and we as a nation should truly reevaluate our immigration policies. [pic] Immigration has been responsible for religious changes, cultural change and population growth throughout the history of the United States. The political, economic, and social aspects of immigration have created much controversy in regards to religion, ethnicity, job security, job growth, economic benefits, where people live, not to mention impact on upward social growth, amount of criminal activity, moral values, and work habits.

As of 2006, the United States has allowed more illegal immigrants to become permanent residents, more than any other country in the world. (Bush 2009) Some of these reforms can be clearly seen in a study performed by The Center of Immigration Studies. For example in “1995 immigration costs us a net $29 billion a year. That was more than the combined budgets of the Departments of State, Justice and Interior. ) Those costs include areas such as education, health care, and welfare programs used by immigrants.

That estimate would be much higher today, because the wave of illegal immigration has continued unchecked, and legal immigrant admission has continued to grow to a historically high level. ” (The center of Immigration Studies 2005) [pic] Illegal immigrants have also placed a strain on our educational system, according to the center of immigration studies (2005), a study was performed in 2004 that stated that taxpayers were spending $28. 6 billion dollars in school and school related coast “each” year. Costs Table from the October 1996 Huddle Study | |Program (amounts in billion $s) |Legal |Illegal |Total | |Public Education K-12 |$14. 38 |$5. 85 |$20. 23 | |Public Higher Education |$5. 55 |$0. 71 |$6. 26 | |ESL and Bilingual Education |$2. 82 |$1. 22 |$4. 04 | |Food Stamps |$2. 81 |$0. 85 |$3. 6 | |AFDC |$2. 71 |$0. 50 |$3. 21 | |Supplemental Security Income (SSI) |$2. 76 |n/a |$2. 76 | |Housing |$2. 37 |$0. 61 |$2. 98 | |Social Security |$21. 92 |$3. 61 |$25. 53 | |Earned Income Tax Credit |$3. 69 |$0. 68 |$4. 37 | |Medicaid |$11. 3 |$3. 12 |$14. 55 | |Medicare A and B |$5. 49 |$0. 58 |$6. 07 | |Criminal Justice and Corrections |$2. 32 |$0. 76 |$3. 08 | |Local Government |$15. 32 |$5. 00 |$20. 32 | |Other Programs |$18. 41 |$9. 25 |$27. 66 | |Total Costs |$111. 98 |$32. 74 |$144. 0 | |Less Taxes Paid |$82. 38 |$12. 59 |$94. 97 | |Net Costs of Direct Services |$29. 60 |$20. 16 |$49. 76 | |Displacement Costs |$10. 96 |$4. 28 |$15. 24 | |All Net Costs |$40. 56 |$24. 44 |$65. 00 | |Percent of Net Costs |62. 4% |37. 6% |100% | Table By (The center of Immigration Studies 2005)

This and other forms of abuse on the U. S have been the topic of much controversy on how this problem should be dealt with. There has been a multitude of different opinions on, how and what we should do at the border. What we should do with immigrants who are currently living in the United States; and how all of these illegal immigrants have impacted the economy of the United States. These are a few of the reforms that former President Bush had proposed so as to slow down the number of illegal immigrants that come into the United States each year.

The return and removal of illegal immigrants from the United States is one of the most widely discussed topics. Since 2007the United States Customs and Border Protection (ICE) has returned or removed over 1. 2 million illegal immigrants from the United States. ICE has expanded its Criminal Alien Program to included incarcerated criminal illegal aliens. In 2007, ICE identified 164,296 convicted criminals who were incarcerated in Federal, state and local penitentiaries (These are people who came into the United States illegally and committed a crime. These people were sent back to their native counties once there prison term was completed. There has also been an increase of fugitive teams from 15 in 2005 to 75 in 2007. These “teams” are sole responsible for removing fugitive aliens from the United States then transporting them back to there native countries. (Bush 2009) Improving border security is another important factor in the Country’s continued efforts in protecting our borders. More than 85% of apprehended illegal immigrants are from Mexico, most are immediately returned across the border within 24 hours.

But there are “non –Mexican” immigrants that are apprehended and cannot be immediately retuned, those people are given a court date to return (75 percent of those people failed to appear), this is a direct result of there simply not being enough bed space available in the detention centers. Out of 160,000 non-Mexicans last year only 30,000 were, in fact, sent home. (Bush 2009) The United States also faces other immigration challenges, like what to do with illegal immigrants once they are already “in” the country. After all most of our agricultural farming is done by illegal immigrants.

Former President Bush came up with some procedures to regulate the influx of immigrants coming into the United States to perform these labor intensive jobs. By establishing these new persuaders and regulations the agricultural community will still receive the labor it needs to run effectively, thereby reducing the cost and helping our economy prosper. DHS is working on regulations to streamline H-2B Program and to allow X amount of green cards to be given to illegal immigrants and migrant workers, that way they could be more easily tracked.

That way the government can collect taxes from them, which will improve our economy, while still allowing the agricultural community to still use seasonal or day laborers. (Bush 2009) Then there is also the fact of illegal immigrants who are already currently in the country. What should be done with them? Former President Bush came up with some more ideas. He had devised a revised Naturalization exam that was completed in September of 2007 and worked to get a free web-based program so immigrant can learn English. This is being completed by the Education Department) Also he had arranged for the Office of Citizenship to provide knowledgeable volunteers to assist illegal immigrants through the citizenship and naturalization process, free of charge. (Bush 2009) Even though all these measures have been put into effect so as to slowdown the amount of illegal immigrants that come in each year though our borders, there are still THREE Million people entering the United States illegally each year. Bush 2009) In 1986 Congress decided to amend the Immigration and control act of 1952. Congress felt the immigration was getting “out of control” and there needed to be a change, about thirty to fifty percent of the growth in the U. S was due to illegal immigration. So Congress felt that the best way to deal with the problem was eliminate the incentive for people to come into the country illegally, to make it harder for employers to hire illegal’s and for them to receive government benefits.

But this tactic seamed futile, since then illegal immigration has just grown. [pic] So what should be done, to lessen the flow of illegal into the United States? And who should be held accountable? President Barack Obama has stated that he wants to improve our immigration System. One of the ways is by giving citizenship to illegal immigrants who have children born in the United States so to allow families to remain together. In addition President Barack Obama plans to remove all incentives for people to cross the borders.

President Barack Obama plans to do that by cracking down on employers that are “knowingly” hiring illegal immigrants. He also has plans to work with Mexico so as to improve their economic growth, there by reducing the need for people to cross the borders illegally, so as to obtain jobs needed to support themselves and there families. (Obama 2009) Times are changing, our county is facing a financial crisis where we can no longer stand by and allow our countries money and recourses to be used up by illegal immigrants.

We have to protect our borders; I propose that we spend less money on government “Bail of money” and we put more money and our recourses into protecting our country. In turn this will help our economic growth, by placing less of a strain on our hospitals ($250 million each year) and our education expenses ($28. 6 billion dollars annually). The government should make it a rule at “every” undocumented persons receiving these types of benefits should be sent back to their county. Let they own country of origin have to deal with these billion dollar expenses.

New Jersey is considered one of the states that have the highest growth in illegal immigration. Every day there illegal’s waiting on the corners to be picked up as day labors. Why dose INS not check more frequently and pick up these “know” illegal’s? Instead INS and the local police department’s turn a blind eye. INS should make random spot checks in know immigrant communities and business so as to lessen the amount of illegal immigrants that come into the United States. Besides there being an economic drain of the United States illegal immigrants can be a “security risk” to the U.

S. All of the billions of dollars that are being given out to these fortune five hundred companies should be redirected towards our countries security and financial stability. Each year more illegal immigrants come into this country taking away our jobs, not allowing our dollar to circulate within the country, there by not permitting the money to circulate through the United States, as well as placing a finical drain on our country. We as the people of this fine country need to reevaluate what we plan to do about this increasing problem.

Decide what can be done and put those thoughts into action. Remember there are THREE million illegal immigrants coming into this country each year (Bush 2009) and over $28 BILLION dollars going towards illegal immigrants, education, medical expenses, and government programs. (The center of Immigration Studies 2005) References Page The White House (2009) Website has many intrusting new policies about immigration reform. White House. (2009). Immigration. Retrieved May 11, 2009 from http://www. whitehouse. gov

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