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The Mordern Student Do Not Respect Teachers

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As the education is playing more and more important role in social life, one controversial issue comes up that whether nowadays students do not respect teachers as much as in the past. Admittedly, we are emphasizing that everyone is equal and stressing the right to express our ideas different from others. However, can we say that nowadays students do not respect teachers as much as in the past? Perhaps not. Despite of different people hold various perspectives, I, given this chance, prefer to assert that nowadays students respect teachers as much as in the past.

My point of view, involves the fundamental and deep discussions as follows. To begin with, one should emphasize that nowadays people’s concerns about the education are becoming more and more than in the past. It is undeniable that the teachers play the vital roles in the education and get more respect than in the past. To make it more compelling, let me use more details to demonstrate it. As we all know, to make ourselves more outstanding in this competitive society, we should study hard to compete with others. In addition, the teachers guide us in our study life and then we must respect teachers to gain the knowledge.

However, in the past people always adopted several children and they main concerned about how to solve problem about the supplication of food instead of the education. Due to the change of importance of the teachers in the society, students would respect less than nowadays. Obviously, nowadays students respect teachers more than in the past. In addition, another essential and compelling argument that always deserves people’s attention is that the nowadays teachers have more abundant knowledge and more wide perspectives, and then students become more adore teachers than before.

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Both common sense and our daily experience inform us that with the development of science and technology, teachers have more ways to gain the knowledge than what I can imagine, such as searching Internet, devoting themselves in to the specific research and so forth. What’s more, the nowadays teachers gain the higher degree than before, such as masters and professors instead of the undergraduate. Nevertheless, in the past teachers always gained knowledge from books. Hence nowadays teachers will be more profound than the teacher in the past and gain more respect from students.

Admittedly, there are some students do not respect teachers. However the number just occupies the small rate of all students. Furthermore we should acknowledge that there must students do not respect teacher in the past either. To sum up, some people might still remain unconvinced, but the reasons I have analyzed would make them more aware of the dimensions of this issue. Hence at last, there will be no doubt that the nowadays students do more respect teachers than in the past.

The Mordern Student Do Not Respect Teachers essay

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