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The novel 'Runner' shows us how much Charlie cares about the people in his life. Discuss In the novel 'Runner' written by Robert Newton, we see that Charlie has a very caring nature, and will do almost anything for the people who are important to him. Charlie generally is always willing to do anything for those he cares for, as an example, even though he does go against his Ma's will and starts to works for Squishy, he does it so he can achieve a better life for his family, to give Ma and Jack a nicer way of living.

Charlie really cares about the Redmond and after he makes a lot of money when e wins the Ballard mile running race he shares it with them. He offers as much of his winnings as Mr. Redmond wants to take, so that he is financially better off. Charlie really means it because when he was talking to Mr. Redmond after he had won the race, 'It anti Just the running', Mr. Redmond. Yea done so much fear us, I don't know where we'd be without yea. The reason he said that is because The Redmond had given so much to the Foeman family, and were always willing to help them out, Charlie offers the money, because he feels like it is an appropriate gesture to show his appreciation. This proves Charlie cares about the Redmond, as much as they care about him. Charlie and Nostrils' are on a liquor run when the cross Barlow and his mates, Barlow soon begins to beat Nostrils', and Charlie runs away to safety.

Charlie wants to help his friend out, but he felt paralyses, like he couldn't physically move because he was so afraid, and ashamed of leaving him there by himself. He said 'Far worse than fear, it was shame that paralyses me. ' Because Charlie cares for Nostrils so much, he is upset and regretting his decision of leaving Nostrils to fight for himself. The regret e has shows that he does truly care about Nostrils because it is shown how bad he feels for the mistake he made.

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When Charlie goes to the bakery that Alice works at and her father owns, to collect the taxes, he sees that there are Just people in the same situation he and his family in. When they can't afford to pay, Charlie decides he will because he knows what it is like to struggle. 'The two words kept repeating themselves. 'Something good'... 'Something good" Charlie pays the three pounds the Cornball's owe from his own pocket because he knew what it was like to be desperate, and it was the best thing he loud do for people in a needy situation.

It shows that Charlie is caring, because he was doing something so kind for people he barely knew, but he understood their situation, and could tell it was the right thing to do. Charlie is a truly caring person, who was consistently kind and loyal to those who were important to him. It is shown that he did almost anything to be caring towards others, but when he was in a situation where he has afraid, he froze. Charlie went to great lengths to fix what he had done wrong, and did not stop until he felt like he had fully achieved that.

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