Human resource development to organizational success

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The human resource development focuses on the enhancement of skills and knowledge of employees which are both necessary in various work situations. Also, it maximizes the importance of the human factor in the organizational structure. In recent years, the effect of technology and organizational change in the labor force has increased tremendously. For example, the increase in the use of computers and internet have increased the demand for workers who have the skills and knowledge that match the technological and organizational changes within the organization (Stavrou-Costea 2002).

To achieve organizational success, one of the important issues in human resource department (HRD) that needs to be addressed is the implementation of new technologies. In line with this, dealing with other factors should also be looked at such as additional company training because the organization and the employees have to adopt with the changes entailed by the different work responsibilities in order to match the skills needed for specific jobs and career opportunities (Stone 2008). Organizational change is another issue in HRD that needs to meet the new demands in the industry.

A company should have efficient and productive workforce because organizations that are not prepared to face changes will be subjected to several tribulations that can challenge their survival and position in the global buisness environment (Garavan et al. 2001). HRD is accountable for the performance of its employees. HRD will be held responsible if productivity will decrease. This can result to stress and anxiety of employees who are doing their mandated tasks and duties in order to adjust to new organizational changes (Doorewaard & Benschop 2003).

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According to Bellou, it is obvious that uncertainty from change, both favorable and unfavorable, produces stress and ultimately can affect opinion, interpersonal relationships, and the productivity of the employees (Bellou 2007). Therefore, HRD have to deal with these changes. They must be aware that changes are induce modifications, so it is necessary to make clear and direct communication on how these changes will benefit the employees in the organization. If this is not implemented and executed well, it can result in the acceleration of turnover and absenteeism (Schraeder & Self 2003).

Dealing with organizational change should be directed towards improving the performance of an organization and the people behind that organization. Therefore, the main focus of the HRD should be on the development of an efficient superior workforce in order for the organization and the individual employees as well to effectively accomplish together their work goals.

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