Human Resource Planning and Development

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Tesco is largest present day British retailer. Started by Mr. jack Cohen from small grocery stall in east London in 1919. The Tesco brand appeared five years later in 1924 as a result of Mr. T. E. Stockwell brought consignment of tea. Tesco name designed by combining the initial letters Te- s- co in 1929 to open first Tesco store in Burnt oak , North London.(source:

Since then Tesco expanding by getting hold to the market by understanding customers need in the right way. In the United Kingdom Today Tesco have more than 2200 stores. From large hyper market Tesco Direct to small Tesco Express. By maintaining the variety product range from grocery to general merchandise. Tesco diversified their business in sectors like electrical good, telephone equipment, banking , airtime, insurance services and now a day Tesco providing electronic shoppingservice via their web site to attract their customers, achieving their primary aim ‘to serve customers’

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Human Resource management

Personnel management is old style name of HR management. HRM is particularly focused to develop peoples and nurture to achieve organisational goal.

Traditional view of HR have mainly four objectives.

Staffing objective: Staffing make sure that make right staff available for right work at the correct time. By means of that identifying feature of the job and executing recruitment process, select to assure correct match and retaining the same.

Performance objective: once staff is at right position they need to encourage to perform. This is achieved by development process, giving target and appraisal system. .

Change management objective: These needs if organisation are in constantly developing in modern competitive world .

Administrative objectives: These need to fulfil for organisation to run smoothly. These include paying the employee regularly, Employment legislation needs. Maintainproper and accurate records. Administration also deals with the legislation, equal opportunity, managing diversity, and also with recruitment, retaliation , training and rewards.

Human resource activities:

Strategic HR management, following the equal opportunity employment, fulfil the staffing need of the organisation, human resource development,

Dealing with the compensation and benefits to the staff. Dealing with health, safety and security aspects, performance management.

General goals of HR are enhancing productivity and quality, complying with legal and social obligations, promoting individual growth and development and make progress in organisational effectiveness.

Personnel Management: Personnel management is term which describe the policies of the organisation, and process to manage people at work . It is old fashion name of the human resource management. It works in same fashion to HRM strategy and the business strategy. It state that line manager is responsible for managing peoples. personnel management is activity aimed primarily at non managers .it influenced line management.

Difference between Human resource management and personnel management

Human resource models:

Number of models are available for human resource management.

Matching Model:

  • Fombrun et al.’s(1984) focus on the resource feature of HRM.
  • and use peoples towards objectives.
  • HR should be get cheaply and use to the fullest.
  • HR should be managed according to organisational strategy.
  • The matching model say’s that human resource cycle consists of standard functions.
  • That is selection of most appropriate resource. Proper Appraisal depending on performance, Rewards for achievement to encourage future performance and fourth is development developing high

Harvard frame work model:

Depend on view point , how organisation want to see employees and their development. It underline the human aspect. related to organisation-employee relationship. It also consider the interest of shareholders related to objectives of organisation

Model based on the four policies:

Human resource flow in the organisation, reward system fallowed by management, influence of the employee and work system in the organisation. The result that HR policies need to attain are commitment, competence, equivalence and cost effectiveness to maintain mutual trust and improve performance. Line managers set HR policies. It is extended through four policies first is setting goal. Integration of strategies, highly commitment to the goal, And giving high quality.

Recruitment selection and retention:

For new store I need to ensure the exact number of staff at right work at perticular time.

For the new store staff will be required for different activities. As the store is in the small village I should select the staff from same locality, considering their availability for job and cost.

For Recruitment first step is to understand the job requirement. Nature of the job. Then the method to recruit them.

Internal recruitment : process in which current employees looking to move to the new store either at same position or on promotion. Internal recruitment helps to motivate for promotion and to improve performance. I first look for the employees internally from the database of the Tesco.

External recruitment: It is fulfil the position by recruiting the staff .Once decided to recruit selection of appropriate candidate and following cost effective method is important.

For a new store I require line managers, Sales assistant, Check out staff, stock handlers, supervisors, warehouse employees, security, cleaner.

Line managers :(05)

Sales assistant :(25)

Check out staff: (15)

Warehouse employees: (15)

Stock handlers:(20)

Security: (10)


Job description:

1) Sales assistance:

Job Title: sales assistance

Responsible to: shop manager

Hours : 45 per week

Typical work activities include

Customer handling in all areas of sales

Should match and sets sales targets in busy and pressured environment.

Giving suggestion to the customers

Handling customer complaints.

Arranging delivery dates .

awareness of particular retail area may be required for some roles. Successful sales assistant should have good negotiation skill.

Person Specification: Sales Assistant


Should have Experience of working within a sales field.

To be honest, dealing of cash and card handling.

Should have excellent communication skills

Should have understanding of customer care.


Experience in working witha similar shop.

Experience in working as volunteer.

Knowledge of Health and Safety issues.

Job description security guard:

  • Job Title: security guard
  • Reporting to : line manager
  • Hours : full time
  • Patrolling of premises to insure security of doors, windows and gates
  • Monitoring and authorization of entrance and departure of employees.
  • Reporting of daily activities and irregularities.
  • Call police or fire department in case of emergency
  • Inspecting and adjust the functions of security systems, equipments, and machinery.
  • Personnel specification for security guard:
  • Recruitment process involves Advertisement of the job, Inviting applications, screening of application, Interview, Selection of the appropriate candidate.
  • Advertisement: Advertisement of the job vacancy is crucial to attract the right candidate. Advertise the vacancy through internet, News papers, TV, radio, educational institutions , Public employment agencies, labour union.
  • For new Tesco store I will advertise the vacancy on the Tesco carrier website and in local news papers, and putting the advertise on the site location as well as in the central place in that village. As peoples of that village are not well familiar with the use of modern technology like internet. Considering these facts I decided to put advertise in the village.
  • Application forms : from the advertisement peoples will apply for the suitable post. After dead line of submitting the applications I will collect all the applications for further process.
  • Screening of the applications ; from the all applicants CV I will scrutinise the appropriate applications and send letters to the selected candidates inviting them for interview.
  • Interview: It is the most important stage of recruitment. For interview planning some issues must be considered like schedule of interview, Panel for interview, setting the room for interview. number of candidates etc.
  • Assessment of candidate can be made by tests and interview
  • Employment tests used to judge a person’s knowledge, skills and other characteristics.
  • Different tests are ability tests like aptitude tests, Physical ability tests, Job knowledge test and Work sampler test
  • Interview : After the tests the number of candidates short listed is relatively low as they can be easily interviewed and easy to judge right candidate. At the time of interview candidates is first time face to face. you can assess by asking the set of questions to candidate. We can gather more information about them. Questions about their qualification, experience, skills, hobbies interests, and personnel and family background etc.
  • After interview we get clear idea about the applicants. From them appropriate candidates are selected.
  • Then successful candidates are offered a job.


  • Once the successful candidates are appointed it is very important to keep staff turn over very low to keep the cost down. As recruitment process is very costly.
  • Retention is process by which staff is maintained within the organisation. As a long term policy of HR. Technical and talented staff is asset for organisation. Furthermore organisation have invested money on recruitment , training and development .
  • Pay : Rising pay level reduce staff turnover. Payment is first aspect responsible for staff turnover .so it is important to give right pay level and increment to staff.
  • Managing expectations: As organisation expect performance from the employee. Employee also expect from the organisation certain things like work environment, job satisfaction, and other facilities. We should understand their expectations and manage them timely.
  • Appraisal: appraisal is process when you discuss the performance of employee. What is performance during the last year or specific time. Whether it is satisfactory or not. Then giving the pay rise or benefits for doing well and motivates them for future tasks.
  • Induction: Effective timely induction to staff is necessary. So that staff can learn new things new roles in various sections and know more which can give him job satisfaction.
  • Family friendly HR practise must be fallowed.
  • Training and development: Training to the staff must be given time to time regarding their job. So they can improve their knowledge and get opportunity to develop and learn new things and skills.
  • Improvement in the quality of the line management

Legal and ethical issues considered during the recruitment:

Employment protection act 1978:

According to employment protection act 1978 after selection procedure offer of employment will be made at that time it is up to the applicant whether to accept it or reject it. Terms and contracts of employment must be clearly defined. also it must contain job title and date of commencement. Terms of payment is clearly mentioned. It also must contain details about working hours , Number of holidays given, Pay of the sick leaves , and pension. It must provide details of termination. It should also contain disciplinary procedures.

Sex discrimination act 1975:

It is against law to discriminate by gender.

men and women should be considered equally in all conditions of employment.

Organisation must provide equal terms and conditions of employment. This act applies to all sectors. Law applies for both direct or indirect discrimination.

Race relation Act1976:

According to race relation act 1976 one cannot discriminate on racial grounds and racial groups related to colour ,race ,religion ,nationality ,ethnic origin.

Equal pay act 1970:

The act says to stop discrimination in terms of payment. Men and women employed should paid equally in the same work.

Disability discrimination act:

This act is in forced to protect disabled peoples. Disabled peoples should not be discriminated when they apply for job.

Law state that they should get chance to give interview. Place where they doing job must be made accessible to them.

Rehabilitation of offenders Act1974:

This act is made to rehabilitation of convicted peoples. Law says that conviction of imprisonment for more than 30 months may be erased. if the offender does not commit further serious offence during rehabilitation he is eligible and we cannot discriminate him.

Paul is 44 year old supervisor. It has been reported that recently he is coming late to the work and living early. He is working for Tesco since last 22 years but now days he is not disciplinary in his work. This has happen to him recently living early and coming late to work regularly specially on the Monday.

When the complaint comes to me I call Mr.Paul in office and discuss the problem with him I enquire about his irregularities in work and whether he have any problem. He did not give any specific reason. So I give him first verbal warning and ask him to be regular.

After first warning I observe him for next three months. I gave him chance to overcome. But within these next three months he didn’t improve. So I call him again and give him second verbal warningtold him that if you don’t improve this time I will take action. This time I told him that if he wants to bring a friend with him he can bring or if he wants to come with any union representative. Gave him another chance for next three months for improvement

But within these three months his improvement was not satisfactory so this is the time for me to give him written warning. So I call him and told him to bring one witness with him friend, relative or a union person. He came with union person. I discuss his problem in front of union person and give written warning that it is his last chance for improvement if didn’t improve I will take action against him. The union representative try to cover him and told me that give him chance this time he will improve. He also told that he had some personal and family problems that’swhy he is not regular and unable to concentrate in his work. The union representative assure me that this time he will improve. So I again keep him under observation.

Till this time I document all that had happened and collect the evidences recorded like his in time and out time to the job. So that it is useful for me to take further action. And observe him for next three months.

This time I recognise improvement in his behaviour, he is coming in time and also going on time. Also his awareness of job is improved.

So there is no need to take the case to the next level.

Sheena is 28 years of old and she is a machine operator in a packaging department. Security staff reported me that he found her stealing some finished products and partly finished products. She is working for company since last 3 years. She has been told to report me next morning at 9.00 am.

I took this complaint seriously when she came to my office I ask her about the incident and the explanation regarding to case. But as she has caught red handed she does not have any explanation. As it is first time I gave her strict verbal warning. I told security staff to keep close watch on her.

For a few days her behaviour is normal but one day I again got complaint against her about stealing ofpartly finished goods. So this time I called her and told to bring any friend or relative or union representative with her. She came with union representative. I discuss the case with them. As case is very serious but union representative wants me to give her another chance and he is strongly defending her. So this time I gave her a written warning in front of union representative. And also tell them that she is not going to work in the same department. I transferred her to another department where only raw material is processed. So that she has nothing to steal there. And also warn her that it is her last chance.

I document all the events and evidence to support the case and told security to keep watch on her.

I gave her another chance to improve. But she does not improved after one month I got complaint against her this time I decided to take the case to next level. I collect all evidence and write a notice to her.

The notice must be given by hand or by recorded post. So I called her to collect the notice and told her if she wants come with someone with her. She came with union representative.

As a evidence one person must be there and it must be recorded. I told union representative that it is very serious matter and we have given her chance to improve but she did not. So there is no other alternative. I have to terminate her. But union representative is arguing with me but she does not have any strong point to defend her. So now the time to give her letter and sack.

But union representative request me not to sack her otherwise her carrier may be in dark as she is young and no one will take to her for next job. So consider about her future.

Then I told her to resign and she resigned from the job.


Setting of work force is most important part for any business. To fulfil the demand of the staff. It consists of recruitment of new staff, selecting the appropriate staff. Train the existing staff. Motivate to work to achieve organisational target. And retain the staff.

Tesco have many job opportunities. Always need people with correct skills to maintain the development. Tesco has very good organisational configuration for carry out job.

Tesco have clear, easy and well defined procedure of recruitment and selection. So can manage its changing demand for the staff.


As Tesco is developing very fast they must manage and maintain the work force. Tesco is spreading their wings in rural areas and villages to different countries. It must require additional work force so they should maintain the present staff. Train them to develop.

Most important is to attract new innovative talent to their organisation. Specially recruit young staff management students. They should search from different colleges and also the trainee graduates. Understand the different needs of the different locality.

And Tesco should enter in many other new fields of retailing to fulfil the customers all needs.


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