HRM Incident 1: To Heck with Them

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HRM Incident 1: To Heck with Them!

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1.      The exit survey conduced by Isabelle Anderson doesn’t seem 100% accurate. As the departing employees typically don’t provide in depth information because of personal reasons and moreover exit surveys provide low response rate .Hence, in this case the results of the exit survey don’t seem accurate, as they are not giving a complete picture regarding the cause of labor turnover.

2.       The main cause of the turnover problem was the supervisor’s attitude towards his workers. According to management theories, we have identified that manager’s or supervisor attitude towards his subordinates is one major reason to affect their performance. Hence, in this situation, the supervisor had a negative attitude and perception regarding young generation which ultimately led to worker’s being de motivated towards work, forcing them to quit.

HRM Incident 2: I Wasn’t Sleeping


1.      If I was in the place of Norman, I would continue my job as I have showed my sincerity and ethical responsibility towards the coal mine that I work for. Also, the regional director did not get Tom back on his same post so that I would resign, instead he sent Tom to another coal mine in the region, so there is no point to quit the job.

2.      The regional human resource director did not solve the matter ethically. He should have been fair and just, and let Tom be punished so that he doesn’t continue to sleep in office instead of working. Now, as he is appointed in another coal mine, he may continue the same routine and affect that coalmine’s performance.

HRM Incident 3: Was There Enough Preparation?


1.      Yes, Sam’s family is adequately prepared for the move to Japan his wife has already started taking an initiative to learn about Japanese language, this shows they have the potential to adjust in a new place.

2.      Yes, that would be greatly beneficial for Sam’s family. When the company can afford to prove orientation and training to Sam, then including family to lean about Japan wouldn’t be that costly. Moreover, this would help the family to adjust easily in Japan and Sam can concentrate more towards his job.

3.      Repatriation orientation helps employees to settle down successfully to their home country environment after having worked or lived in a foreign country .Therefore, it is not necessary for Sam’s family to have repatriation orientation because mainly the person who is working has to cope up in a new environment as policies, rules and culture of organizations in different countries varies.

HRM Incident 4: Going to Russia


1.      Excluding host country nationals from the staff in Russia, is a big mistake because it would create racial differences, which means unequal rights by the company and low morale, hence affecting the performance of staff of the host country.

2.      The issue of maintaining secrecy of the organization has always been very critical. This is because some people are always dishonest with the company and can easily be bribed. Dishonest people can be anywhere regardless of their cast, religion, or country so it is not right to say that the staff of Russian nationals will be maintaining total secrecy.

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