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How Urban Centers Affect Music Development

How did the rise of urban centers and trade affect the development of music? What where those developments? The Middle Ages spanned from approximately 400 to 1400 A. D. In these times there was a lot going on historically that changed the world as we know it.

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I am going to write about one of those things that was responsible for altering the way that music had been developed. Mainly about the economic expansion that changed the way that music as a whole was to be defined. With the growth of the population came the progress of certain economy’s.

One of these would be in agriculture. Since there was a boom of people inhabiting the areas like Italy and England there was a need to farm more and so this prompted people to come up with better ways to farm. As they boosted the agricultural output the population grew as well. This led the possibilities of the expanding population to be able to pursue other forms of work and other different long distance trading opportunities. This gave more free time to be more creative in the arts. Does this affect the development of music? Yes, it has a huge affect!

Instead of music being mostly just a thing of the church it gave the people the time to explore their own interest in music. Individuals got to be more creative and actually were seeking employment in these different subjects. Instead of just being confined to music of the church they would teach music or put on shows. With the economy expanding as it was there was a market for the more wealthy couples to want to go be entertained and see live performances. There was also more experimentation of different kinds of music which sparked things like musicians being more creative about their music making.

Music was also regularly being put into written form so that it was available to more and more people. Unlike when music was stuck solely in the church. Music was affected by the explosion of the economy in the middle ages and love of music and expression was available to more and more people. This is still true to this day. Sources: The Middle Ages Dr. Maureen Miller http://chnm. gmu. edu/courses/westernciv/video/miller1. html Medieval Guilds Gary Richardson, University of California, Irvine http://eh. net/encyclopedia//article/richardson. guilds