How To Choose The Right Name For Your Next Mobile Application

Last Updated: 28 Jan 2021
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The quote of Shakespeare “What's in a name?” doesn’t indicate in today’s highly competitive technological advancements. Right from any television, gadgets, devices, smartphones, tablets to any non-technological kinds of stuff, the name matters.

It does a lot. In fact, as per one of the users or customers tend to get 30% more attracted to the product if they like the name. Same goes with the mobile application’s nomenclature. Too tough to come to a conclusion on how to name it, what is the process, why should you name it good, where will  and when it starts to show the impact.

Is the name easy to pronounce and does it convey what the product is about? Is it for just ‘looking-cool’ that you are giving the name? Such questions are considered in those microsecond moments when users browse in different App Stores.

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It is pretty obvious today that mobile applications have turned into a lifeline for people. They have deliberately taken place in your private and professional life. Whether you see Android apps or Apple apps, all the have gripping names.

If you want to wake up, there is an alarm app; if you wish to make a schedule or notes, you have Google Keep and other productive apps; if you want to go out, you find a places nearby; if you need to transfer money, there are ample of applications; if you desire to travel by car, you can opt for cabs; if you desire to be shopping-worm, e-commerce apps will help you out; if you are aiming for daily news updates, you have mobile news app’s push notifications; if someone asks you to send important files, you can Email them instantly; if you want to find a new date, you have a mobile application for it too. The list is broad and endless.

Whether you have built a photo editing tool, mobile game, an enterprise app, an online shopping app or a fitness tool, restaurant app, logistics app, giving it the best suitable name is the essential part to head it to success.

Some worthwhile tips on how to name a mobile application are briefed below:

How-to Name Your Mobile Applications?

Demands Patience and Perseverance

Yes, it is a long-term process. Why would it not be? Everything is in the name. Groffers, PepperTap or BigBasket are eventually one and the same but the name differs. Time and Tenacity are two important factors to name the mobile application.

Last Longing

Do you want to make a fortune out of your mobile apps? Then, keep in mind that it should not be named after your own name. For future aspects and several other reasons, it will be easier to sell your company if your name isn't tied to it.

No Puns

Avoid using puns. It is observed that a pun in your company name can be a risky task. If you land a good one it can make the mobile application widely known and esteemed, but be careful that you don’t need an overused pun or even outdated.

Copycat, Copycat !Oh, No

If you want your product to be valuable, then it should definitely be showing distinguishing characteristics. Don’t be a copycat. Pick out a unique name that clearly differentiates your applications. It’s okay if your includes ‘Weather’ but modify it and don’t just Ctrl+C it.

Adhere to Camel/Sentence-Case

The right mixture of capital and small cases is crucial. You can neither use all the capitals in the name nor should you try zigzag with the name-case. So, adhere to the standard format. Use capitals for the first letter of the word. That’s it. Ex:WhatsApp, Subway Surfers, Temple Run, etc.

Turning Trendy

Learn From What's Already Out There. If the trend says that the mobile app category you are in, demands the concise name, then let it be. But stick to the trend or it will not be accepted by a large number of communities. Result: Failure.

Sweet, Short, Simple

Pronounce-ability, Clear & authenticity. Remember these. Pick a name that bestows itself to easily spell and pronounce for starters, and meaningful to your audience, not just to you.While 'Coveo' sounds cool, does anyone know how to pronounce it correctly?

SEO Glance

You name your mobile application ‘SkyTracker’, ‘QuizUnlimited’, ‘RacingNinja’, etc. Do you know how heavy these individual words are in keyword’s perspective? It is huge. You can’t put anything in the nomenclature as you have to see the competition level in the virtual world. Search Engine Optimization is an underrated factor while naming any mobile application. One of the notable factors in the is ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and we all know it, fortunately.

Fix it with Suffix and Prefix

Well, ‘SkyTracker’ will be an issue but do you think ‘SkieTrackerz’ will be? It has become the tendency that the name includes ‘Z’ in the end or juggle the original word and bake it all together. It looks stylish, doesn’t get hurt by SEO and the pronunciation is almost the same as the pilot.

The popular company name is a kind of Goodwill which comes into play when it is evaluated and sometimes sold for the good. The Bidder pays the surplus amount of money for the ‘Fame’ created by the ‘Name’. Some companies rename themselves as part of a re-branding effort. Other times, it's simply because the company's initial name didn't have sufficient oomph.

The world of the mobile app is no different. That first impression when you get after listening ‘Star Wars’ movie title and ‘Harry Potter’ books’ name, similar things occur with the mobile apps in the App Store when any application is newly launched.

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