How Grammar Is Taught in Task Based Language Learning Method

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How Grammar Is Taught In Task Based Language Learning Method The purpose of this essay is to investigate how grammar is taught in task based language learning method at upper secondary high school and what guidance experienced teachers have to offer. This is done by studying task based language learning method and current practice of teaching grammar at upper secondary high school . Task based language learning claims that learners discover the language system when they communicate. This claim is built upon the assumption that language is acquired through communication.

Task- based learning focuses on learning about how language works in discourse as an input to new language production; the language input is language data, spoken and written texts, rather than language models presented as targeted structures. The whole issue is how to design tasks which help learner to use the language to learn it, in other words, to develop their communicative competence. To make the design of this method, the teacher uses “tasks” as instruments to investigate how second language learning takes place and what makes language learning successful respectively.

The teacher also investigate which types of tasks contribute to the development of which kind of competence in learners. It is essential to define what a task is so that curriculum developers and language educators can design genuine tasks that stimulate language use. In this section of procedure, the teacher must carry out three stages: pre-task, task- cycle and language focus. How do I teach grammar in task based language teaching ? My students are from fifteen to nineteen years old. They are Vietnamese students and they are not good at English.

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The number of students in my class is overload of about forty- five. Since my students frequently come into contact with English, they are not thought to need grammar rules as much. Since they learn the language in a native-like way almost, they repeatedly make some mistakes. So I need to choose an effective method, task based learning language, to teach grammar. I find it important to answer the following questions when teaching grammar. First, what structure do I teach ?. Second, how do I give students input?. Last , how do my students produce output? First, what structure do I teach ?

It was important to listen to the students and see what they needed to practice, and try to find things that interest them. They also need to be aware of why they are learning the structure. For example; Because I know my students want to say about their ability to do something, I decide to teach them auxilary verb “can” in the structure “ subject + can + bare infinitive verb” Grammar teaching has become integrated with activities focusing on meaning and is taught more through examples than by using grammatical terminology.

Then , how do I give my students input?. I have to try to find something that makes it more interesting to give my students grammar input. It was encouraging for the students to be aware of what they are going to know, what they are good at, bad at, what they can improve. Additionally, it is helpful for the students to know how they learn the best. What I believe communicative exercises mainly provide is fluency. The students are encouraged to watch a short video clip.

The father is going with his son in a zoo. Father(F) : What can you see ? son(S): I can see a tiger . (F) : And what can you see ? (S): I can see a bird. (F) : And what can the bird do ?. (S) : It can sing. (F): Oh, can you see a snake? (S): Yes, I can. (F) : Can it sing? .(S): No , it can’t. Motivation was often mentioned as very important for the students to be successful. Therefore, as a teacher to be able to motivate the students seemed to be a valuable asset.

Communicating with them in this way also gave the teacher a chance to see what the students wanted to achieve. Grammar learning is essential for it gives students the tools for developing their language. For students to learn grammar through communication seems the more natural way of approaching a language than studying rules in isolation. However, when the same errors are repeated, teachers have to bring the students? attention to those specific structures. are many approaches, and what might not work on one occasion might work on a different one

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