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Universal Grammar

Modern universal grammar is a result of the advancement of evolutionary psychology as portrayed by Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theories.Darwin believed that evolutionary psychology gave the human race it’s “first systematic way of understanding ourselves”.Grammar, while varying by language, is understood to be a systematic and proper for humans to communicate with each other and its use a result of natural selection given the youtube video, “Charles Darwin’s Legacy”.

In “Charles Darwin’s Legacy” Richard Levins, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, stated that, “there has always been a tradition which tended to look for a place for everything and everything in it’s place”.

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Grammar fits this description as a human tradition which has evolved based on the language and preference of the elite. For example, 19th century aristocrats utilized far more advanced grammar than the working class of the same era whom most likely used little to no grammar structure whatsoever.

Before the separation of human beings by social and economic status, the only thing people needed to communicate with one another were words. Over the centuries communication in itself has become a dull trait. One can not simply communicate, but must have the skill of communication. This is the foundation of how universal grammar was developed. In addition, Darwin was a firm believer of the eugenics movements and as such believed that “important people bred important people. The logic behind this statement makes sense when related to language considering that one’s offspring would most likely speak the language of their parents. As such, if the elite were to develop a systematic form of written language, such as grammar, then their offspring would not only continue the usage of said grammar, but develop and add on to the established. In time grammar will continue to evolve and it’s development will alter by each generation.

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