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How does the author successfully engage the interest of the reader in the relationship between Cooke and veronica and her way of life? By Maya_hunched How does the author successfully engage the interest of the reader in the relationship between Cooke and veronica and her way of life? The writer starts of by setting the background of the story " we had grown up together" this gibes us an idea of their relationship and how close they were as children.

Veronica grew up to a poor family and so did Cooke but veronica's family as even poorer "her family had been even poorer than mine" this gives the reader an impression of how poor they were and saying veronica was even poorer shows how harsh the conditions were. Veronica grew up to an abusive father, Cooke describes he as "brute" meaning he was evil. This shows us Just how bad her father was.

Cooke was every caring and compassionate towards Veronica " I helped her fetch water from the stream and occasionally chopped firewood" Cooke was like veronica's only fatherly figure as her dad was never around to treat her like a daughter, the only wing keeping him from protecting her was his fear of her father "night after night I would lie awake listening to her screams, cursing myself for my own physical inadequacy' this shows he was unable to help.

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Veronica was very loyal to everyone in her life not Just her family, when Cooke left to go to school they were still friends Neuronal and I remained friends" she was always happy and Ignored the fact her life was not a good one "she was always pleased to see me" Veronica never got the opportunity to go to school and was curious about It UT was never Jealous of Cooke "she asked me endless questions about school and the town and what I was going to be when I grew up" she was happy for Cooke and his successes. She never seemed to new me mine" this shows she was content with her life even though she had nothing to be happy about, she didn't have loving parents to take care of her or and education nor did she have and money. Veronica and Cooke always met by the river "the day before I left we met by the stream" The river is very symbolic, the river indicates life moving on.

Veronica had ere limited opportunities and Cooke new that "not that she was likely to meet any as long as she remained where she was" She wasn't educated meaning she will not meet a man Cooke was concerned about her "you can go to school and become a secretary' Veronica had no one that would ever give her advice Cooke was the only person who treated her Like she should have been. L snapped a twig and threw It very symbolic, it is met to be showing Cooke and veronica as the stick and the river as life moving on. When Cooke snaps the stick it means they were on and now he is boning on in life when she is staying where she was and is never going to get anywhere where as Cooke is allowing the river to take him places. Cooke moved on but veronica was still a part of him "l never forgot veronica" how could he forget her?

After all veronica had grown up with him and been a part of his childhood. Cooke eventually returned to the village for work "on the day I left I had to force her to accept a present of some money. It was as much as I could afford, but not as much as I would have liked to have been able to give her" Cooke offers her charity, he has o force her to take it this shows veronica did not was sympathy. When he returned again we went to see veronica "it was dark inside" this indicate death or her final moments.

It was very difficult for Cooke to see veronica like that "l reached for her hand and held it" he was very uneasy "I'll get you out of here, don't worry' he wanted veronica to live where as she wanted the opposite "there is nothing left for me in this world" she has lost a lot in her life and didn't want to live anymore. When veronica died Cooke was devastated "l gathered her up in my arms" this makes us feel humanity "l cried that night for the terrible waste" shows tragedy.

There is a change in speech threw out the story between the away Cooke speaks and veronica speaks " morbidly suspicious " Cooke is very complex with the way he speaks, shows he was educated. "l can't Just leave my family' Veronica uses very simple language, this shows she was not educated symbolic language "l snapped a twig and threw it in the water" this shows he was moving on and she was staying where she was. Negative diction was used " she was dead before I reached my car" By: Maya Hunched

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