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High Performance Organization

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International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) deals with computer technology, offering both products and consulting services. It offers a range of hardware and software products. It also offers infrastructure services. IBM is a high performance organization and this is very evident from its operation and performance. IBM is a multinational corporation with its headquarters at Armonk, New York but spreading to all parts of the world. It is the largest computer company and the most profitable. It have 370, 000 employees in different parts of the world representing the largest information technology employer.

IBM controls a big share of its market and has expanded to many parts of the world. These factors show that IBM is one of the high performance organizations of the world. The results of IBM show clearly its leadership role in the computer technology sector. Its operations of the recent past have produced results that show its high performance and its ability to continue performing well. The financial report for the year ended December 31 2006, posted in the company’s website, showed that the company had a net income of $9,492 million as compared to $7,934 million the previous years. There was growth in total revenue from $91,134 million in 2005 to $91,424 million in 2006. The earnings per share for the year 2006 were $6. 11 compared with $4. 87 the previous year. Using revenue, net income and the earnings per share as the performance indicators we can clearly see that IBM posted very good results and indicated growth. IBM has been expanding its operation to all parts of the world.

IBM provides technology solutions to businesses, organization to all parts of the world with an aim of helping the users to achieve increased productivity and success. The company’s values of “dedication to every client’s success, Innovation that matters-for our company and for the world and trust and personal responsibility in all relationships” have enabled the company to establish relationship all over the world thus resulting to gaining of a big share of the market. IBM is the largest computer company and the most profitable.

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Thus using the market share as the performance indicator we see that IBM is a high performance company. Besides that IBM have in the recent past made many notable acquisition meaning it’s aimed at growing. IBM is very concerned with the satisfaction of its customers. IBM uses tools, processes, procedures and mechanisms of generating feedback aimed at making sure the customer is satisfied. The company monitors and responds to problems of customer so as to achieve customer satisfaction. It also provides expertise assistance all the time to its customers.

According to CRM today website (http://www. crm2day. com/news. crm/EpZuVZFUZaMbMinnv. php) a research carried out by Technology Business Research Inc showed that IBM had topped its competitors in customer satisfaction. This was attributed to the IBM’s PC Hardware quality and reliability. On March 2007 IBM was awarded the Genesys Gold Certification. This was for IBM’s expertise, innovation and customer satisfaction (Http://www. genesyslab. com/news. archives/2007/march/ibm-gold-certication. asp IBM values its employees and puts efforts to see that their employees are treated well.

IBM does not discriminate employees on any ground be it physical attributes or genetics. IBM has been helped by its employees to become a high performance organization. Through good human resource management the company allows its employees from all over the world to participate in core decision making. IBM involved its employees in the formulation of the company’s values in 2003. The company has also facilitated discussion among its employees on key business issues. This has helped the company to brainstorm on new ideas that have contributed to improvement of the performance of the company.

IBM also involved its employees in brainstorming on innovation ideas. All these efforts were aiming at involvement of the employees on the key issues affecting IBM operations. This issues ranging from employee relationship as expressed in the company values to various practices in the company and innovation (http://www. research. ibm. com/journal/sj/404/gongla. html). IBM’s good treatment of its employees has led to great benefits to the companies. Employees are more dedicated to the values of the company and to offering quality services to the customers.

These have led to more satisfied customers translating to good sales. Good human resource management has led to great benefit to the company through innovation of the employees hence leading to more productivity and innovation. The human resources best practices by IBM include involvement of the employees in key issues affecting the company. The employees were involved in the formulation and rewriting of the company values. In this all the employees from all parts of the world contributed their ideas and were summarized to produce the three care values of IBM Corporation.

IBM also involved its employees in contributing ideas on practices that can bring success to the company. Another best practice is good treatment of the employees. IBM do not discriminate any employee on any ground and offers employment to all. These practices have contributed much to making IBM one of the High performance corporations.


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