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High Crime Neighborhood

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Living in high-crime neighborhoods has a great impact on how neighbors socialize with each other. It either brings them together to fight against violence or torn them apart because the violence is promoted among other neighbors. Neighborhood environment serves as a source of socialization, mainly for adolescents. Being exposed to different behavioral models or cultural ideas, disadvantaged neighborhoods are thought to influence how young people make decisions about education, employment and relationships (Hackney, 2011).

Adolescents interacting with older people that are unemployed, not going to school and involved in crimes can expose them to cultural models that violate social rules and norms. As mentioned in the article it became “a street culture that arguments are too often settled only when a body ends up on a slab in the morgue” (Hackney, 2011, p. 3). Cultural values are not respected and instead of having dispute-resolution skills and anger management, violence most likely becomes the way of life and solving problems.

Socialization is what allows us to be skilled in the ways of the culture we were born into, however, if violence is what one was born into or grew up into that is what they will learn and do. The very fabric of our community has changed, violence has become acceptable by many due to its fast increasing rate but we have to do better (Hackney, 2011). Numerous crimes in neighborhoods destroy socialization although violence is not taught among cultures it could be acquired by its young members if seen promoted by older adults.

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High Crime Neighborhood

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During adolescence is when youths are developing and exploring new ways of socializing with older adults and that could be dangerous if they are hanging out with the wrong crowd. Young people are highly influenced by their surroundings and if violence is promoted that is what they will learn as a result. Despite the negative impact of violence in neighborhoods it also brings neighbors to work close together in finding solutions for the problem and making their neighborhoods a safer place for their children to grow up and become decent citizens.

In Detroit the murder rate has increased and many innocent people were killed by random violence. Public safety plays a great role in socialization therefore the city developed plan to “strengthen neighborhoods and improve safety” (Hackney, 2011, p. 3). The police patrols were reinforced and many cases were closed with tips from citizens and strong police work.

There were programs to get youths engaged in activities other then hanging out in the streets and involved in criminal acts (Hackney, 2011). Working close with youths and getting them involved in activities that can keep them out of the streets can reverse the effects of early exposure to violence and promote a better way of socializing.

Reference Hackney, Suzette (2011, November 13). Living with murder: The agony of Detroit’s neighborhoods and their cry for help. Free Press, pp. 1-7.

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