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Happy Family Environment

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My family has 4 people: Dad, Mom, R, and A. Dad is a Chemist and Mom is an Engineer. Regardless of that they both are well educated; they have been arguing a lot. R is a 16 year old son and A is an 11 year old daughter and both are dramatized by their parents’ fighting. As a mom, she wishes to have a happy family. A happy family environment should not be so difficult to accomplish. A few positive things such as the parents should not be fighting any more, everyday children doing their homework dynamically and having dinner together, and we all sleep in the same cozy room. These would make us a very happy family.

When parents have different opinions, they should communicate with each other in a good perceptive way. They should listen and understand what the other would like to express instead of being defensive. Parents should not being sarcastic to each other. Parents should only say positive and encouragement words to each other. Parents should support each other; especially, in front of the children. When parents are able to show compassionate and love to each other, children will also feel the love. When parents are no longer fight, the whole family will experience a very happy family.

As a mom, after work, she comes home and prepares dinner for the family. She would be very happy to see Dad and the children surround the diner table studying. She understands it is a hard work for Dad to coordinate the children to doing their homework; however, with Dad’s direction, she would think the children would do the work much efficiently. After prepared the dinner, she would serve and we all have dinner together everyday. During dinner time, we can share our day and enlighten each other with a joke or a funny story. This will sure award us as a very happy family.

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Happy Family Environment

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And last, our house is huge with many rooms of our own, but sleeping in the same room would make everyone feels close to each other. Not to mention that we could save a bit on the electricity bills yet it is very cozy. We have each other in one cozy room for the night. Nothing can make us happier. In conclusion, to have a happy family environment, parents should never fight, children finish their homework accordingly while mom preparing for dinner, and we all sleep in one cozy room. These would make us the happiest family in the whole world. No one would ask for anything else.

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