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A happy marriage is that it is much full of spouses

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I guess a happy marriage is that it is much full of spouses' love and trust, and it is welcomed and congratulated by surrounding families, relatives, and others. So, I wish to express a happy marriage by three stages based on my marriage life up to now.

In the beginning of marriage for two or three years after wedding, a bride and a groom are always happy with wedding itself because they completed

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their love and are able to  live together with their lovers permanently. And also they are happy with expecting the first baby as the result of their love.

In the middle stage of marriage life from having the first baby to growing
up a adult, the first baby gives the spouses the happiest marriage. When children are growing up well, they will feel happy too. If children go to a famous university, they will be conscious of a happy marriage furthermore and be proud of them.

On the other hand, they can sometimes suffer some difficulties in this period due to the families' health, economic matters, and children's educational problems. After overcoming those matters well, a happy marriage would be maintained continuously.

Finally, the spouses will be conscious of a happy marriage when their son and daughter meet good marriage partners and they succeed in the society. As getting older, all most of spouses would feel more deep love and trust each other. I wish to say that a happy marriage results in the better health of spouses physically and mentally.


A happy marriage is that it is much full of spouses essay

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