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A Day of Happy Moments

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Pleasure is something which satisfies our senses but happiness is something deep seated. It is something which is much nearer to our soul. A hot cup of coffee on a chilly day would surely bring pleasure and not happiness. Now I shall say when I was very happy. Even from my early days, I used to take interest in games. My elder brothers used to take me to the sports and matches. Whenever I saw the victors receiving trophies, I eagerly wished that I must be on the victory stand one day. As I came to the secondary school, I took interest in long distance running. With some boys of my class, I used to take to the track and run.

In one of the inter-school competitions I came first in the one kilometer race. This gave me not only satisfaction but also encouraged me to put in more and more effort. I was regularly on the track practicing. I learnt the techniques from my physical instructor. From one kilometer I Learnt slowly to run two kilometers within three minutes. The day when I can do it, is still far-off. Still unceasingly I practice long distance running. The Inter-district Sports Meet of the schools came and I was selected for 1000 meter race. It was a red letter day in my life. The event was announced and along with five others, I was standing on the track.

Hundreds of people were looking at us. We were set on the mark and the gun went off. I started steadily and knew that I must have spare energy for the last lap. It was a three round business. In the first two rounds, I kept myself the second or third. In the third round, Picked up speed and was running like a colt, left others far behind and breasted the tape in the record time. The excitement was so much that I was almost unconscious for a few minutes. Then I ran to the victory stand. My joy knew no bounds when my name was announced first and I took the salute. It was the glorious day and I enjoyed boundless happiness.

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A Day of Happy Moments essay

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