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List three civil rights events that Lorraine (or the Hansberry family) was involved with:

  1. Her parents were both active in the black community of Chicago as well as social change work.
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  3. She was involved in the Hansberry vs. Lee case because her family was being forced to desegregate their white neighborhood with a restrictive covenant. Despite violent protest they didn't move until the court ordered them to.
  4. One of her brothers dodged the draft because of segregation and discrimination in the military.
  5. In your own words, what are "restrictive covenants"? A sort of agreement, which limits what the owner of the land or lease can do with it.
  6. How have they been used in segregation? Used to keep blacks from "invading" white neighborhoods The title A Raisin in the Sun comes from Langston Hughes' poem entitled "Harlem. "
  7. Do you think this theme fits with the poem? Why or why not? Yes it explains what happens when a dream is postponed.
  8. List two literary elements that can be found in the poem and give an example of each (copy and paste line): Literary element: rhetorical questions. Example: What happens toa dream deferred?
  9. Read through the commentary and tell what you think most likely happens to a "dream deferred" and explain why. When a dream is deferred it is lost, sense you no onger are able to fulfill it. It becomes a waste of time and a disappointment. In Act II, Scene Two, a character refers to Booker T. Washington as one of our "great men," but another character disagrees and calls him a fool. Learn some facts about Mr. Washington to help you arrive at your own conclusion. Use the following websites to find three facts that support that he was a "great" man and three facts that may have lead the other character to believe he was a fool.
  10. First African American man to be invited to the white house
  11. First African American man to receive an honorary degree from Harvard
  12. He was born a slave and had no early education, yet he still became America's foremost black educator Fool
  13. His Atlanta compromise was known as a betrayal to the black community because it accepted segregation.
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