Gll Wonton: Convenience over Style and Ambience

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Gll Wonton Gll wonton Background Gll Wonton has nearly 1000 restaurants including 40 cities in China, all open 24 hours, the total turnover is about 5 billion yuan. Convenience is the key word there. The wontons are stored frozen, so this isn’t fine cuisine. The surroundings are moderately dirty, the ambience dull, and the staff inconsistent. Without much style, no English menu, and no real buzz the reason we're writing about Gll Wonton is simply about the Wonton. (Elliott, 2007) Descriptive type of Gll wonton

Gll Wonton is a Chinese fast food brand, it is using chain stores to operation the restaurants, the owners buy the franchise from the Shi hao Company, and operation by themselves. What feature does Gll wonton has?

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  • Less investment Person who want open a Gll wonton chain store just need to invest 60000-70000 RMB.
  •  Quick return 6-7 months to recover the cost.
  •  Low-risk A wealth of industry experience and experience of the successful operation of nearly one thousand single-store.Can help minimize the risk of new store.
  •  Easier management Product unified production; uniform distribution; simple operational skills can help the manager easy to manage the restaurant. What target market Gll wonton dosen’t have? People who doesn’t like to eat wonton is not the target market of Gll Wonton. Some people doesn’t the style of Gll Wonton, so they didn’t want to go to Gll Wonton. What are the advantages of buying a franchise?
  •  Small investment, less risk. Received management training and guidance system • Standardized management, standardization supply
  •  Reliable brand and product services

Would you consider buying a franchise in this chain in another location? I will buy a franchise in another location for this brand. Because 2 point:

  1. Less location rent In another location, the rent of location is lower than in Shanghai, so that the investment is samller than shanghai.And it will get more income.
  2. .Less labor cost In another location, the labor cost is cheaper than in Shanghai location, so the operation cost is lower, so there is more income with the powerful management

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