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General Electric Company Communication Strategy

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Communication methods and various training sessions should also be incorporated as part of the implementation of any new change which would be incorporated into the company using the Six Sigma approach by General Electric. Without this, the management of a particular division of the company, or the entire company as a whole, cannot be assured that the new process or program that it plans to be implemented within the company would not just be accepted by the employees but that they would be able to perform as they hoped that they would, no matter how successful the use of the Six Sigma approach may have been for the company in the past.

Moreover, the employees must also be provided a number of different materials in order to aid them not just on the manner how the program would be implemented but also how the quality of the business operations would be evaluated. Not only is this going to be in line with the vision of General Electric to be a company that fosters an open communication system (“Working Environment” 2008), but also provide both the employees and members of management substantial knowledge in terms on how the new process or method to be implemented which is to be passed.

Conclusion The success that General Electric experiences today has been attributed by the members of its top management to the implementation of the Six Sigma System Approach which had been formulated in order to aid manufacturing companies to improve their customer relations with their respective target markets. However, the success of any performance evaluation tool is dependent on the manner as to how the guidelines that have been provided to be understood by the Human Resource department, which is responsible in implementing the Six Sigma approach. Read how is six sigma defined SSD1

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As such, it is just as important to ensure that the members of the Human Resource department to be provided the knowledge and training in the implementation of various programs with the use of the Six Sigma approach that General Electric intends to pursue in the future to improve its relations with its target market and its quality management as a whole.


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