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First , casinos play a big part in alluring people to play. Their flashy signs, lights, and even the e sound of people winning can be attractive even to the casual gamblers. Secondly, ca Sino can be found everywhere. There are thousands of casinos, making it convenience NT. One recent USA statistic shows that 70,000 to 105,000 citizens have financial probe ms caused by gambling and many were already broke before becoming addicted. Additionally, the gamblers family and friends are also affected.

An addicted GA ambler can use all the funds available to them, causing family financial problems. So we can see that gambling can be very addictive, and each person should assess why t hey are gambling. Most gamblers usually can't rationally see their addiction. Therefore e, it is sometimes better if family or friends intervene. Depression, distress, migraines and anxiety related disorders are effects of GA ambling. But why do people still gamble if it can have such severe effects and consensus encase? Well, consider that casinos have positive benefits.

One belief is that casinos AR e good for our economy or gambling can fill some emotional or psychological need. Many people don't understand when someone becomes addicted to gambling, there ex.'s not always an easy fix for the addiction. Also, gambling doesn't have a "low percept mintage" of winning. This is why many people think they II win a lot of money or recover their losses, because there's a good opportunity to win. The problem is, it's just as easy to lose. If you play 5 times, you might win 2 of those times and 3 times you'll wall k out with nothing.

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The gambler's only thoughts are about trying to win again, and t hey get addicted to that feeling; so its easy to see the appeal and how it keeps you go ins even when you continue to lose. What can we do to stop or reduce gambling in our world? Before you help 10th errs, help yourself. Ask yourself if you'd ever think about gambling and if it would be any DOD for you? Would you gamble to relieve stress, to have fun or for a onetime eve NT? Next, you could always seek help from God.

Praying about the people addicted and knowing what we can do to help them is one step towards making the world a little bit better. Furthermore, we can spread the truth about gambling. Casinos are profitable from gamblers based on positive beliefs about gambling and we should raise aware knees of gambling effects and assist those who are addicted. 1 Timothy 6:10 says "The e love of money is the root of all evil. " Those who are rich in this world should not 10 eve money ore than God, who already provides us with everything for our enjoyment.

Although money is a necessity to live, it should not be the main pursuit in our lives. Our main focus should be on God and our faith towards Him. Gambling is legal in many places which makes it easily accessible and is a maim contributor to the addiction problem. Perhaps the casinos and government c loud better monitor the casinos to help the gamblers. If you are considering gambling so onetime, think about what you are supporting, how it could affect your life, and maybe what you could do to help someone you know whose gambling too much.

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