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Kids & Cops Essay

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My essay is about what drugs can do to you. Drugs and the people who supply drugs do not care about you and what happens to you as a person. The people who give children drugs are not your friends! Drugs can take a healthy child and change them within a matter of minutes. Drugs can sometimes put you in a hospital never to return home to your family, pets, friends, or school. Taking drugs can cause people to never want to play with you or be friends with you. Drugs can change your entire personality.

Parents will never let their kids play with other kids that do drugs. Kids who don’t us drugs are afraid of people who use them. Parents and other people look down on people that do drugs and think less of them. Not only does drugs affect your outer looks it kills brain cells and causes you to do things without thinking of the consequences. You should always stay drug-free because drugs can lead to death. Drugs can cause brain damage, heart failure, lung cancer, kidney failure and also car accidents.

If you are using drugs while driving a car you could easily have a wreck and not only hurt yourself but take another life. Please don’t use drugs. No matter what anyone says, drugs are BAD in any city, state, or country. Drugs and the people that use drugs and supply drugs are going nowhere in life. If you stay drug-free you can rest assure you have the chance of a very successful life. Please use good judgement now and always, stay drug-free and don’t hurt the people that love you the most!

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