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Ways of Protecting the Environment

Our environment is a gift from God so we must take the full responsibility in protecting and preserving it. Good environment can make people feel happy and fit. To improve the environment means to improve our life.

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Therefore, human beings can protect the environment in three ways: conserving water, recycling, reducing, reusing and saving energy. First, we can protect the environment through saving water. Water is very important to us because we can’t live it. Water which is suitable to drink is becoming less and less. It is because we always waste a lot of water in our daily life.

For example, many of the people always turn on the faucet when brushing teeth, washing or rinsing. Instead, we can fill a container with water for our use. Second, recycling, reducing and reusing are other ways to protect our environment. We can recycle the aluminum cans, glass bottles and newspapers. Besides that, we can transfer the organic matter such as potato peelings, leftover food and leaves to a compost heap in the garden and used as a natural fertilizer for the plants. Next, we should reduce the usage of plastic bags because they are non-biodegradable and hard to recycle.

Let us reuse the things that are still valuable instead of throwing it away. Donate your old clothes or things to those who are in need. Not only will you protect the environment, but you will also contribute to a good cause. Last but definitely not the least is conserving energy. Let us use compact lights in our houses for they conserves electricity and remember to turn it off when you leave a room. When you do not use a house device like TV, radio, laptops, etc. turn it off as well. It’s an easy habit to take up which will help you save a lot of money. Be concern and be a part in protecting the Mother Nature.