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Should the military age enlistment be raised to 21?

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In a high school in Texas, there's a table set up in the corner of the lunch room. Two clean cut men sit behind it, chatting casually about something unimportant. They're trying to get high school students to join the military. But in this particular high school, the students aren't allowed to drink soda or leave the cafeteria for lunch; because they're not capable of making healthy meal choices. So the question here is should the military age enlistment be raised to 21?

There are so many speculations about why not should the age be raised. one can be that we would have a much smaller military or a lot of teens who join the military for the benefit for college cannot will afford to go. But the fact is that an 18 year old kid is too immature for many reasons.

Recently released studies indicate that our decision making capabilities are not fully developed until we reach our early 20s. That data would indicate that not only would the average teenager be unable to make a wise decision in life but also mean that will be unable to make quality decisions while in the service.

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Also another hypothesis its, why in to many states, young people under the age of 21 are considered to be too immature to drink alcohol or to vote in this country, but the government can put a deadly weapon into their hands to make a life or death decision. in order to these there are not well educated to make a well informed decision. I’m not saying that something miraculous occurs by the time they turn 21, but that will give them a little more experience to make the right choice. In considering this subject, two phrases come to my mind: Young and dumb and older but wiser. Those two key phrases say a lot about maturity and the human mind.

So my conclusion is, the government accepts that an 18 year old is too immature to use alcohol responsibly, to leave school grounds, or to pick a college course without some guidance. But if our culture is willing to accept those as truth, we must also accept that an 18 year old is not mature enough to make a measured decision to go to war-and certainly an 18 year old is not mature enough to engage in that war with a full understanding of what that means.

Should the military age enlistment be raised to 21? essay

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What is the maximum age for enlistment in the military?

Any eighteen year old soldier in those similar positions would face the same penalty. The U.S, Military seems to agree with the concept of older recruits with a policy change by the Air Force in June 2014 when the maximum age for enlistment was raised from 27 to 39 years of age.

How old do you have to be to join the Marines?

Marines: 28 Coast Guard: Age 27. However, the age can be raised to age 32 for those selected to attend A-school directly upon enlistment (this is mostly for prior service). Some programs within the branches of service also require age limits to begin training.

What is the age limit to join the UK Army Reserve?

The UK Ministry of Defence raised the enlistment age limit for its Army Reserve in November 2014 to 52 from 43, individuals with specific qualifications or experience 45 to 50. The announcement included references to older soldiers sharing knowledge and experience as well as widening the recruitment pool.

Can a 17 year old enlist in the military without parental consent?

The United States will allow enlistment of a seventeen year old teenager into their military with parental consent and eighteen year old without that consent. There are many aspects of law where certain individuals such as underage girls and more recently, boys, are incapable of consent.

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