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Strategic business management planning

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Training has great value in business .The trained employees also gives the benefits to the business. Training programs give more value for the organizations where programs reflect the key measures of business performance. Training also helps the management to filter the employees on the basics of training outcomes.

There are two catageroys of trained or untrained employees in business .when we talk about the trained workers they are highly skilled and more beneficial for business .Our business also depend on the employees.

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Importance of training

Training is important for any business .without training we cannot successful in our business .staff training is essential for the business .we cannot avoid the staff training for the better future of the business .

So being a HR manager of the company, after long investigation into the requirements to reduce costs by visiting and passing through the current situation of companies who are terribly affected by crises Financial due to the recession. I would suggest to the board to continue spending on staff training rather than stopping completely, because I think that trained, competent, dynamic and qualified staff numbers is an asset to our organization and that training programs and employee benefits to attract and motivate our staff to work more effectively to achieve the objectives of our organization and they want to stay and work with our organization.

Value of Staff coaching

When business is slow then it is time for new leaders within your company. We need leaders to move and motivate our existing employees because in bad times employees look to the CEOs. Thus, each employee cannot set their own targets they need help from leaders.
Training improves the efficiency of the workforce and enables them to perform their tasks more efficiently. The increase in employee productivity can save more to reduce the training budget.

Human resources and value of Training budget

Training budget is also included in business. The training must be seen as an investment, and as a business tool. For example when we talk about the large they have budget for the training .we do not spend our budget in a non profit expenses. Investing in training is an investment will be return in future.

Budget and talent assessment

We built our budget on training and retention of talent of our employees, but before selecting staff for further training or development of their talent, I would suggest to go for talent assessment of each employee.
In terms of talent management, we can make an assessment of our employees, for two main areas of performance measurement and capacity. Current performance of the employee in specific job has always been a standard tool for measuring the cost-effectiveness evaluation of the employee. However, talent management also tends to focus on the potential employee that is the future of an employee if given the proper skills and responsibility.

Funds and training

Funds are necessary to develop, retain, evaluate and attract the workforce. To provide prompt and professional customer service or support.

This is important for the board of directors to continue spending on staff training rather than stopping it completely because I think that trained, competent, dynamic and skilled workforce is an asset of our organization as well as training programs and its benefits to the employees will attract and motivate our staff to work more efficiently to achieve the objectives of our organization and they would like to stay and work with the organization.
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Training helps to achieve organizational goals

Collect reliable and convincing showing how the achievement of course learning outcomes provide tangible benefits to the organization. How would we like training programs help reduce error rates, more satisfied customers, more sales, or anything that our management team considers it importantIn some cases we might need to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of a training program to prove the value of baseline.


The employees feel motivated when the company recognizes that improving their skills will help firm’s results, and employees can continue to contribute to the better.

Compete better

If we do not train people to our competitors will do it. Having the best staff in all aspects of today is the key to success in business. Not just having a good product, good service, but with good training.

Time of recession

At the time of recession our organization also faced with a low response to advertisements from our company and because of low sales and low return on investment (ROI) Board of Directors decides to cut the budget for training before the business becomes profitable, but it’s time to look at how our employees are training and what type of training they require to make our company more profitable.
In these difficult times, our employees look to their leaders so that the time to prepare a few more competent staff, so they can benefit from our organization.

So being an HR director I conclude that training is main part of the job and HR department should not be cut down the training budget. It is the driving force behind the organization’s success. If we do not train our staff it will effect on the productivity and organization will go to the loss instead of success.


So, we must decide how to focus on training. Invest in training that would meet the previous requirements.

Not all workers are entitled to a training program, the selection according to the needs of businesses and workers need to be done. Diagnosis of training needs to be done, preferably through and outsourcing company, so we can find out what our basic training needs.

We do not stop investing in training, it is easy to cut costs that way, but our business future may be damaged.

Education should be seen as a strategic tool for business success. So it is also important tool of success in business.

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