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Global Warming Causes and Effects

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1. What is global warming?

Global warming is an increase in the overall temperature which is caused by too much carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases.

2. Greenhouse gases

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The amount of carbon dioxide can increase or decrease the climate temperature. Each of these gases their life p in the atmosphere is different and their amount it is roughly the same the out the world.

3. Greenhouse effect

A greenhouse gases is a gas in an atmosphere that absorbs and emits radiant energy within the thermal infrared range3. Greenhouse gases are formed by different gases such as carbon dioxide, Methane, Nitrogen oxide, water vapour CFC's.

4. Carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas

Carbon dioxide is formed in the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels (A fossil fuel is a fuel formed by natural processes, such as anaerobic decomposition of buried dead organisms, containing energy originating in ancient photosynthesis3), solid waste, trees and wood products.

5. Methane as a greenhouse gas

Methane is a natural gas and it can also be created by humans. Methane is created through production and transportation of coal and oil. Methane becomes a greenhouse gas if it exposed in the atmosphere before being used. When its in the atmosphere it absorbs the sun's heat.

6. Nitrogen oxide as a greenhouse gas

The main cause's nitrogen oxide in the atmosphere agriculture, Oceans, Human sewage, etc.…

Carbon Emissions and Their Effects

1. Impacts on weather pattern

Carbon emissions have a bad effect and are the reason of the climate change which causes flooding. Heavy floods people and animals lose their lives through drowning, homes are destroyed (people will be left homeless and without their valuables and food). Infrastructure will also be affected. And the economy of the country might suffer.

2. Impacts on water supply

Water is one of the things that humans, plants, animals cannot survive without it. Because of carbon emission we might lose it. The increase in temperature results in water which evaporates into the sky being trapped in the atmosphere and land left dry. Water supply might also affect the electricity supply, plants that supply electricity need water in order for them to be functional.

3. Impacts on farming and food

Increase in carbon emission can affect the growth in livestock and farming. Even though plants need CO2 to survive increase in it may result in increase in temperature which will result in shortage of water supply. Livestock need water to survive, increase in temperature causes the stress in animals, and in a long run they can be vulnerably. The decrease in fertility and production of milk may happen. Decrease in milk production may result in dying of the offspring's.

4. Impact in human health

Rise in greenhouse means less oxygen for us humans and animals. The temperature change is different it depends on where you from. People from the regions with poor air quality are at risk of having poor air quality, and those who live in floods places are at risk having more floods in future. And insects that are stop by the cold temperature will move to places with higher temperature spreading diseases. Heat waves can lead to heat stroke and dehydration, and are the most common cause of weather related deaths

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