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Cabot Hotel depends on room revenue rather than selling liquor or food because most of the hotel capital comes from numbers of room sold. However there are different methods of sales technique that Cabot Hotel use to increase room revenue, one is to bring new and old customers to continue to use their establishment rather than their competitor. Good sales technique is one of the important key elements in Cabot Hotel when currying out duties because every customer have different types of needs, by providing the right information and selling the right product and services to the customer at the right time, and persuading guests to pay more for an accommodation and to use the establishment facilities that can increase the business profit. Abbot, P. And Lewry, S. (1999)Baker, et al. (994)

Up- Selling

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persuade guest during the checking- in to purchase other products starting with the higher price, medium and then lower price or (Abbot and Lewry, 1999) “other add-ons in order to make more room revenue” and also giving suggestion on a particular services or product that the hotel offers to encourage guests to use more of the establishment leisure facilities, for example;

  1. Sauna and steam room
  2. A luxury spa offering a range f luxury treatments for ladies, gentlemen and even for the children

Hotel front desk clerk are in an excellent position to captures and encourage more walk-in guests to purchase their products, instead of just welcoming the guests and quoting room rates, the receptionist can start by offering the guest two or there room types and give descriptions of features that will make them seem as appealing as possible, It also important to secure other guests from migrating from other hotels by talking to the guest about other benefits and advantage of the establishment.

Greeting Guests

When checking-out a guest saying farewell and greeting them in the correct manner it influences on the impression which they will take way with them. When checking-out a guest is good opportunity to encourage the guest to return again in the future by using their first name when saying goodbye and we look forward to seeing you again, that personal touch can encourage the guest to make their next booking there and then. A hotel is kind of second home to some guests and departing can be comfortless time, at that moment he or she is likely to be particularly receptive to the suggestion that you would like to see them back sometime. (Abbot and Lewry, 1999) “You can ask ‘I hope you enjoyed your stay?’, and if you get an affirmative answer, go on to ‘are you going to be coming back this way againCan I make a provisional bookingEven if few guests decide to book again at least you will have a repeat business.Baker, et al. (994)

Product knowledge

It’s very important as a receptionist to know about the facilities that Cabot Hotel offers because there might be times when they have to encourage guest to use more of their establishment facilities than they had original intended to do. When checking-in a guest it also important to know exactly the products and services the hotel offers to meet the needs of various customers. For example:

  1. Business female guest
  2. Families with children
  3. Small group of people

If the guests continues to use their establishment facilities and return to purchase their products it more likely that their facilities will continue to remain in the business and it can increase the sale result and the company would make profit.

Follow-up techniques

The follow-up techniques is use to trace back previous customer, there are people who have already had reason to come to your hotel or customer that have most likely been happy with their choice. The company would send email or letter by post to their guests offering them the latest product and services which are available and also other promotional products. Abbot and Lewry(1999)


Communication can be verbal and non-verbal.Verbal communication is when speech is use to communicate with a guest and non-verbal is when you use your body language. When dealing with a guest over the telephone or at the desk it very important to treat each guest and their needs with respect because without customer there’s no business revenue and work, so it important that your voice sound polite, friendly and maintain good eye contact with the guest at all time when taking a booking or dealing with a complain, that can influence the customer to purchase Cabot Hotel products and to use their services again. Baker, et al. (994)

Front-desk-sales-training(2011) Q-2A)

The check-in process start some time before the guest has arrive, the front office will prepare the arrival list twenty- four hours in advance, the list contains the expected date and time and other special requirements, and copies are sent to different departments within the hotel, such as, housekeeper, head porter and food and beverage.

A Female Business Person Travelling Alone

A female business traveller requires executive room with additional suites including; A generally higher quality of furniture and fitting

With a selection of magazines Bathrobes and a higher standard of toiletries Telephone in the bathroom Morning newspaper

Comfortable room, located where there’s no transportation disturbance and with better view. Also room with enough space fully en-suit including the following facilities air conditioning, central heater within the room tea and coffee making facility hairdryer

minibar digital LCD flat-screen television with choice of international channels/ radio, interactive video on demand and extension speaker in bathroom dual line, direct dial digital telephone with connection points by both bed and writing desk wireless broadband internet access throughout the hotel luxury toiletries in bathroom trouser press laptop sized safe. Special amenities, decor appealing to women. For example big mirror and wardrobe also make-up facilities. A Car park facility where they can park their car.

Leisure Facilities

Sauna and steam room Changing room Luxury spa offering a range of luxury treatment

A Family Of Four With Children Age 6 And 8

Access to information

  1. Maps
  2. Internet

Having an easy access to information such as city maps and internet helps them to move around more easily with less troubles of getting lost, the use of internet is very handy to finding restaurants, transport, special events and other different type of facilities.

Accommodation- room type

  • standard (double)
  • standard (twin)

A family of four would have more requirements to meet their needs, in order to feel comfortable they require good accommodation to suit the whole family. Rooms’ facilities including

  1. digital LCD flat-screen television with choice of international channels/ radio, interactive video on demand
  2. dual line, direct dial telephone with connection points by the bedside
  3. family meal menu in the restaurant is very important for the family to socialise with each other
  4. food heating facility

Leisure Facilities

  1. Sauna and steam rooms
  2. Changing room
  3. Luxury spa offering a range of luxury treatments for ladies, gentlemen and children

A Small Group Of Ten Persons Accommodated In 5 Twin Rooms

Access to information

Having an easy access to information such as city maps and internet would help group travellers to travel around the city easily with less troubles, the use of internet would be very handy to finding restaurants, transport, special events and other different type of facilities within the city.

Accommodation- room type

5 standard (twin rooms)

Group of ten people requires good accommodation to suit each individual needs. Each room with facilities including

  1. digital LCD flat-screen television with choice of international channels/ radio, interactive video on demand
  2. dual line, direct dial telephone with connection points by the bedside
  3. hairdryer and dual voltage shaver outlet
  4. toiletries in bathroom
  5. trouser press
  6. tea and coffee making machine

Leisure Facilities

  1. Sauna and steam rooms
  2. Changing room
  3. Luxury spa offering a range of luxury treatments for ladies, gentlemen and children

Q 3)

When a reservation for a booking has been confirmed by Cabot Hotel, the guest will enter into a bind contract. The guest is expected to turn up and the hotel must provide the agreed accommodation. If any of the party fails to honour its side of the bargain, it must compensate the other for any loss suffered. If Cabot hotel is responsible for walking-out a guest, the hotel will accommodate the guest to another hotel and pay for other expenses.
Guests are not allowed to change a room reservation once confirmed, room rates and other taxes included in the booking must be paid in full when confirmed reservation is made. If the customer fails to make the full payment or credit arrangements are not made with the company, when a reservation is confirmed, Cabot hotel might any time cancel the reservation. For booking cancelation refund, Customer must give 48 hours notice before the expected date, cancellations up to 21 days before the arrival date 20 percent of the room costs, up to 11 days before 40 percent, up to 7 days before 60 percent and 6 days or less – 80 percent of the room costs. Customer who makes online booking need to pay 10 percent deposit, The deposit is to assurance the company from any profit lost if a customer decides to cancel their booking at the last minute or decides to not show-up on the expected date and time. Booking cancellation and no-show has a huge impact on hotel profit. It can cost the hotel a large amount of lost in room revenue. If you book a room for some nights at Cabot hotel and decide to depart earlier, it will be assess early departure and you have to pay a fee because you did not stay for the entire number of night reserved. Cabot hotel charge 50 percent if you decide to leave your room after the posted check-out time (between 12noon to 3pm) the 50 percent charge is the daily room rate for a late check-out fee.

Hotel cancellation policy law (2011)


The sales department needs to do the number of rooms occupied divided by the number of room available ? 100, to check whether there’s enough room available to accommodate their guests . There are other factor the sales department should consider before accepting the booking. Such as:

  1. The time of the year (shoulder season –December )
  2. Time of the week (weekend or weekdays)
  3. Number of rooms required (30 or maybe more)
  4. The room rates and discount ( group room rate)
  5. Name of the tour operator
  6. Contact details of the booker. James, A, Bardi. (1947)

the sales mix ration is important because it contributes to the business finance success, the hotel room division manager needs to keep a tract of how many group booking are being sold and their rates, if rooms are being sold for the same lower rate throughout the month the room division manger needs to obtain the higher possible quantity of room revenue occupancy rate to increase the business profit. Baker et al, (1994

For group booking the check-in process might start a week before their arrival date because groups require more preparation. A copy of the arrival list can also be sent to the general manager if any VIP’s expected.


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