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Essays on Marco Polo

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Summary of Evidence Marco Polo and the Silk Road

Silk Road were two very important contributions towards China’s cultural diffusion. Marco Polo, his father, and his uncle were all Venetian explorers. When Marco was fifteen, the three of them traveled to China and befriended Kublai Khan, Ghengis Khan’s grandson. Marco was very influential for …

Marco Polo
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Marco Polo’s Book, The Travels of Marco Polo

Marco Polo was no doubt one of the most influential explorers in the world. His tales of the East opened the minds of the Europeans, and his tales were a catalyst for the Age of Exploration in Europe. His influence on geographical exploration was so …

Marco Polo
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Marco Polo The Travels – The Silk Road

This is the story of a great young adventurous traveler. At the young age of 21, he embarked upon and successfully completed, the tasks seemed practically impossible to achieve in the era to which he belonged.  He was not much educated in the academic sense, …

Marco PoloSilk Road
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Marco Polo and Ponce de Leon

My two explorers are Marco Polo and Ponce De Leon. Marco Polo was one of the most famous westerner travelers. He traveled across Asia. He sailed south from Venice, Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. He also explored an area south of Beijing and the coast …

Marco Polo
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The Travels of Marco Polo

It was in 1254 when Maffeo Polo, a rich Venetian merchant, and his business partner brother Niccolo Polo were engaged in a journey outside Venice, Italy for trading in Constantinople and Far East.  Traveling on a Silk Road was a long sail, good enough for …

Marco Polo
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Marco Polo in Renaissance

Born in 1254 in Venice, Marco Polo is today a well-known figure of pre-Renaissance travels, and for his ground breaking travels to lands never before Journeyed by Europeans. He was an Italian traveler and author, and spent the majority of his life traveling and exploring. …

Marco PoloRenaissance
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Marco Polo Worships the Great Khan

Traveling from Cathay to Tinju, there is not a single page in The Travels of Marco Polo where he does not mention the Great Khan.  Whether this is a positive or a negative, the power of the Great Khan is routinely emphasized and the leader …

Marco PoloMoney
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Marco Emilio Polo was a Venetian merchant, explorer, and writer who travelled through Asia along the Silk Road between 1271 and 1295.

September 15, 1254, Venice, Italy


January 8, 1324, Venice, Italy


Donata Badoer (m. 1300–1324)


Fantina Polo, Bellela Polota Polo


Niccolò Polo, Nicole Anna Defuseh



  • The Travels of Marco Polo
  • Book of Ser Marco Polo, the Venetian, Concerning the Kingdoms and Marvels of the East - 1871
  • The Customs Valuation Rules, 2007
  • Renaissance Mad Voyages: Experiments in Early Modern English Travel (Culture of Play 1300-1700)
  • The Travels of Marco Polo

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Frequently asked questions

Who was Marco Polo summary?
Marco Polo was a 13th-century Italian explorer who became one of the first Europeans to travel to China. He left Venice in 1271 with his father and uncle, and spent the next 24 years in China. He documented his travels in a book called The Travels of Marco Polo, which was widely read in Europe and helped to spark interest in the East. Marco Polo was captured by the Genoese in 1298 and spent the next several years in prison, during which time he dictated his book to a fellow inmate. He was released in 1299 and returned to Venice, where he died in 1324.
Why is Marco Polo so important?
Marco Polo is one of the most important figures in world history. He was a Venetian merchant who traveled to China in the 13th century. He documented his travels in a book called The Travels of Marco Polo. This book was one of the first Western accounts of China and the Far East. It was widely read in Europe and helped to spark the Age of Exploration. Marco Polo also introduced many Western technologies to China, such as gunpowder and the compass.
Who was Marco Polo and why was his journey important?
Marco Polo (1254-1324) was a Venetian merchant, explorer, and writer who travelled through Asia along the Silk Road between 1271 and 1295. His account of his travels, The Travels of Marco Polo, was published posthumously in 1324 and was one of the most widely-read books of the Middle Ages. Polo's journey was important because it was one of the first Western eyewitness accounts of life in Asia and helped to open up the East to European trade and exploration.

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