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Theories Actually Seen in Practice in Ojt

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A. New knowledge, attitudes, and skills acquired

I learned the flows and transaction in the Government process. Though, most of the work involves papers in procedural ways. The receiving and releasing of memorandum is very essential in a way that affects the flow of the work and it should be submitted on or before deadline, so as the require data. As I was expose to this environment, it not much different with the projects at schools, terms papers that have deadline and of course you must know what you have on those papers because you might be question for it.

B. Theories actually seen in practice

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In Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), the community and client service exists in theory, but in practice there are few officials who work in it. They have philanthropy theory and giving good intensions for the good but some of it lacks of practice because of its manpower. Though, they have a good goal towards it.

C. Feedback that can be given to the company or institution

The mission and vision of the company is great, it really reflect the needs of the Filipino citizen especially to the youth. It offers vocational courses that can help the youth to find work or build up their own business.

In that way, it will lessen the population of unemployed individuals. But as I observe, the processing of its transaction and others are sometimes delayed due to many unfinished transaction. The workers are minimal, and the works are exceeding its normal worker. It leads to unbalanced ratio of work, they lack of manpower. If only they have much worker or officials that only work to specific job at a time, they can render its service with utmost confidentiality and transactions will be process on time. And also with their worker, some of the workers don’t do immediately their work, they will just wait until the deadline is near.

And when it is almost the deadline, that’s the time they will tend to the work, sometimes lead to many erasure and errors of data they put on their reports. The result, some of the transaction will be delayed because the worker will be invalid at the moment.

D. Benefits gained

The things or knowledge that I gained from working in Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is that the government work is not that easy. It has many structure and procedures that must be followed before it is done or implemented.

It will go under observation and studies before it is approved from the head of the agency. That’s why, it will takes months or even years before it is practice, some of us citizen’s complain why it’s not implemented directly, or done immediately. The cash flows, the money that are allotted to its specific project. It must liquidate thoroughly, because they will question it, even a single cent that is missing to data. They are very careful with it, especially when the heads of the agency will conduct unnoticed visit to conduct inspection for the cash flows report they have.

E. Problems encountered

They are various problems that I encounter within the first month I work in, but most of them are repeated actions; error in logging the receiving letters and releasing, error in checking the database in the enrollment and terminal report against the database, error in answering the telephone and mistakes in putting some data in the records room. But I overcome these problems, because it’s just the same old routine every day, so I easily adjust and remember my errors.

Theories Actually Seen in Practice in Ojt essay

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