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Be Your Best Self

Essay Topic:

Being your best self can mean a lot of things to different people, but what does it mean to me? To me it means being your own Superman.It means to be everything you can possibly be; to be confident in yourself, in not only looks but knowing you can do anything.It means to help everyone; to be kind, caring, and sweet.

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Being your best self means to be happy and live your life. Confidence means having faith in yourself in many ways.

It means to know you are beautiful in every way. Having confidence means knowing you can do anything and everything you set your mind to. To be your best self means to help everyone. You need to be kind, sweet, and compassionate. Help them in school subject areas or running errands. Help them when they need it, whether its getting them help or helping them yourself.. Plain and simple be a good friend. God has given you one life to live before you go up to Heaven with him, and you need to live it up.

No I’m not saying go crazy and get twenty tattoos that cover your body, unless that’s what you want, but be happy. Life is too short to go through it being upset and depressed. So go find love in your best friend, keep faith in the Lord, and go get a little too crazy with your friends. Just make sure you are happy with everything you do. Superman lives in a town in Kansas, were later on in life he finds love in Lois Lane. If Superman was not his best self, his whole town would submit to complete destruction.

His love would not be with him anymore, for he helps her and saves her life all the time. Superman is the best role model for being your best self. The Distinguished Young Women Association, or Jr. Miss, helps young women be their best self. Maybe not all of the characteristics, but from experience it does make you happier and a more confident individual. I know this because while participating in this program, I have been happier and I have never been more confident in myself.

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