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Why abortion is immoral?

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Is abortion immoral?  Many assume that life begins at birth, but this somewhat not the case. Conception is the first stage of life. Anything happening between that stage and birth affects the infant. Abortion is one of those sensitive topics that many shun away at all times. However, it is imperative to understand the notion and judge whether it is right or wrong, based on facts.


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There is a thin line between pros and cons of abortion. And if you are pro-life, you will quickly argue that abortion is evil. But is there a point abortion is immoral? Or where abortion is justified? In a case where a young girl is abused and left with pregnancy, is it then right for her to abort? Or when a mother’s life is at risk with the pregnancy, is it justified to save her life and leave that of the baby? And what about a situation where your mistress gets pregnant, is it right for you to get rid of the infant? These are sensitive questions that are often left unanswered by those who judge the "vice" based on societal and religious expectations.

Analysing this subject needs a clear mind and not a judgmental one. At some point, you may need to do thorough research through reading abortion essays and other helpful books/articles. Facts and not myths will be useful in scrutinising this topic. Just for a start, check out the following myths versus reality about abortion.

Myth: Abortion doesn’t kill anyone

Reality: The infant is human

Whether the infant is a long while from being born or a few days to birth, the difference between them and humans is one factor – Time.

Myth: Abortion is safe

Reality: Most abortion clinics lie to women about the risks of abortion

The truth is that abortion is risky, and many planned parenthood clinics won’t tell you this. Perhaps they may tell you that there are meagre risks, but they definitely won't talk of the medical emergencies they have handled before. Ladies stand a chance of losing their fertility and in some cases, even their lives. And it is only fair for this information to be out in public. Many dismiss the psychological and emotional torture that women face after going through an abortion, and nobody deserves that.

Myth: Men don’t have a say

Reality: Men have an equal say as women

Guys are often told to keep quiet on the abortion topic because they don’t carry a womb. Thus, they can’t dictate to women what to do or not. This is conventional thinking and is surpassed by modern liberal argument. Men have an equal say to abortion, regardless of the situation.

Myth: It is a right decision

Reality: Killing has never been a right decision

It is hypocritical to argue that murder is a crime and claim that abortion is right. The difference between the two is that one is taking away a life that is already in the world while the other takes away a life that is still in the womb. However, there are a few situations where life can be taken away under the law, and this should apply to abortion also.

Myth: All feminists need to support abortion

Reality: If indeed you are a feminist, then you need to preserve life

It is sad that feminists drive this subject as a way of "fighting for the rights of their fellow women." Sadly, this is tantamount to being one's enemy. There’s no way you can advocate for something that has the potential to cost lives, both of the mother and baby, and still boast of standing for female rights. We must not spill innocent blood in the name of equality rights. Which right gains its power from destroying another?


Myth: Abortion is a straightforward and easy process

Reality: It is one of the most complicated practices

The doctors may reassure you that the process won’t take long and will probably not even hurt a bit. Unfortunately, this is anything but true. The risks associated with the practice are better imagined than experienced. To put this into context, once the doctors dilate the cervix, they insert a tube into the uterus and attach the tube into a suction pump that pulls the fetus body out. After all, is done, they must again put together the dismembered parts. And this is just one method they could use.

Is there a point where abortion is immoral?

This is an argument that has gone for so many years without a valid agreement on one understanding. To some, like the men who harbour mistresses, abortion is the way. They would argue that it was unplanned and so, they can’t afford to let it go out in public domain. Some go to the extent of choking the decision on their mistresses, not giving them a say. Well, whether or not this is fair, human life is precious.

Again, the previous two situations: a lady pregnant from abuse and a mother who either loses her life or that of the baby. Both are critical and need full discernment to determine if right or wrong to get rid of the pregnancy. At times, it is left to individual judgment for decisions about such issues. Various laws have been propagated to deal with female abuse and pregnancy caused by the same. And arguing about the matter will almost end in futility.

The decision on abortion isn’t an easy one. And declaring it legal or illegal, moral or immoral, also, isn’t easy. The conversation will go on until where a factual decision is made on the matter.

Why abortion is immoral? essay

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