The Truth Should Be Told, Whatever the Cost

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Anisa Kornegay P. 7 Discursive Essay #2 “The truth should always be told, whatever the cost. ” It’s clear that in life you run into lies and you run into the truth but when is it morally ethical to not tell the truth, and when is it okay to lie? The truth has caused a plethora of controversy worldwide instances where it is concealed and when it is exposed. Subsequently the truth seems to always be told, when it is and even when it is not needed. In the medical realm the truth should be told, although in the past it has been covered up.

Medical experiments frequently avoid telling the truth. For example in the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment in Alabama, 399 black men were told they were being treated for “bad blood” when in actuality they were in the late stages of Syphilis. By the end of the experiment 128 men died from syphilis, but if the doctors informed the subjects of the infection many lives could have been spared. Just like the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment, in other occasions the truth should be told in the medical world.

For instance, in Crisis Pregnancy Centers all over the United States also known as CPC’s pregnant women are told claims by the uneducated staff members to have them refrain from having an abortion because they believe abortion is wrong. One woman, Katy Stag went to three CPC’s in Ohio that told her “There is more risk in having an abortion than carrying a baby full term” which is false; studies show that a woman who carries their baby full term are fourteen times more likely to die. This exemplifies that in the medical world that lies should not be told.

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Therefore, the truth should be told, especially in regard to anything medical. Along with the medical world, the truth should be told in regard to high government officials. Presidents should always tell the truth, one lie can lead a president to impeachment. For example, in 1974 President Richard Nixon of the United States was on the verge of impeachment for obstructing justice. President Nixon hired men to illegally gain information on his opposing party. Nixon denied all involvement, even when evidence surfaced linking him to the crime.

Just like President Richard Nixon Watergate scandal, other presidents have withheld the truth. For instance, Bill Clinton was impeached on the charge of obstruction of justice in 1998. The charges came from his sexual affair with his 22 year old intern at the time Monica Lewinsky, DNA evidence proved there was a sexual relationship even though President Clinton denied the allegations. His lie had him impeached. Evidently, the president of a country is one looked up to and should tell the truth. It doesn’t make a significance difference in citizens’ lives if an athlete lies.

If the action of an athlete does not affect the lives of others the truth should not be of significance. For example in 1988, Gregory Louganis a diver in the Olympic Games, went to dive and hit his head on the platform, later the truth came out that he had HIV. AIDS expert Anthony Fauci, MD, assured everyone that Greg Louganis did not place any risk to the health of the other athletes on his decision to disclose his HIV diagnosis. Just like with Gregory Louganis other athletes have had the truth revealed when it was unnecessary.

For instance, Marion Jones, 3 time Olympic gold medalist track star, plead guilty in 2004 to lying to federal agents about taking banned steroids, but it was proved her usage was not during any of the times she won her gold medals, so it did not change the Olympic results and she keeps her medals. Without the truth, nothing really would have changed. Subsequently, the lives of citizens are not affected when an athlete has lied about their situation leaving the truth better off not exposed. The effects of war or danger are a reason to withhold the truth. In warfare the truth is permitted to be disguised by lies to be loyal to your own country.

For example, in the Cold war between NATO and the communist sect, people on each side of the war were prepared to betray their countries secrets, but would sacrifice themselves to protect their country. You do what you have to win the war for your country by any means, and if those means involve lying then so be it. A similar principle was present in the 1939; 45 year war giving out “disinformation” was a key role in the war. Hitler’s forces in France were deceived to think that the war was at the Pas de Calais rather than along the Normandy coast, England even created a fake army.

This morale shows they did what they could to win the war. Undoubtedly, the danger of war outweigh telling the truth, thus it would be acceptable to lie. It is apparent that the truth has certain circumstances when it is to be exposed and when it is to be concealed. In medicine and at the head of government it seems the truth is to be told constantly. On the other hand, in sports and in warfare the truth is not as needed. No matter what, one thing is certain, we as humans must learn the instances of when the truth should be told regardless of the consequences.

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