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Essay on high birth rate in India

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The birth rate of children, as elsewhere, depends on the status: many in the poor, two in the rich, or a maximum of three. In the Indian family, the birth of a boy is a continuation of the lineage, equating to the holiday, so in some families many baby girls are born until the boy is born.

It is believed that the child will be under the patronage of the God whose name he was called.

In India, doctors are forbidden to notify parents of the sex of the baby in the womb through ultrasound, this is punishable by law. Although abortions are not prohibited in the country, any woman who wishes to terminate her pregnancy can contact a gynecologist and artificially abort the pregnancy.

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Children in India start attending kindergarten at 2 years of age, preparatory groups that can be safely called elementary school, and then a school with mandatory entrance exams. Visits to children of preschool organizations last no more than 2-3 hours, so the husband, who has the ability to provide for the family himself, does not allow his wife to work, and all her life is reduced to home, the success of children, the care of the husband and his parents.

In India, great attention is paid to the education of children, in this the parents are very strict and demanding, so in the time of examinations there are many cases of suicide among children. Hindus are brought up by children in austerity, in rare families it is possible to note love and friendship between parents and children. Children, without any hesitation or doubt, follow the will of their parents, so when they reach a certain age when their parents consider them to be mature enough to marry, they undoubtedly follow the will of their parents and marry the one / one chosen by the eldest.

Young girls, after marriage, quickly turn into tired women, their attractiveness and beauty fade with each passing day, they settle at home, very rarely visiting relatives; Family trips to the movies or restaurants are considered a real treat. If before the wedding they could afford to have fun at parties, movies, restaurants, cafes and discos, while following the fashion and dressing in a European style of dress, then after marriage they dress in a national sari or a shalwar kameez, however, cosmetics are used constantly. .

Although there are exceptions, after the marriage, the brides, knowing that they should live together without looking for anything, seek to forge a friendship and start a family. Oddly enough, over time, many begin to love each other and live a life of harmony and love. In such cases, the husband does not "wave his hand" at his wife, he wants to see an attractive half near him, so he allows her to continue to wear Euro-clothes, visit hairdressing salons and fitness clubs. This usually happens in more civilian families. Marriages also happen for love, mainly in metropolitan areas. Such families do not pay attention to caste or religion, or to the fact that the choice is settled on a foreigner. A lot of our girls are married to Indian guys.

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