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The perfume industry is a huge market for entrepreneurs who look out for lucrative deals where they can get the maximum profit. Celebrities endorse a perfume bottle and it turns out to be a rage among many consumers. You do not require major technical acumen to endorse a perfume bottle; the bottle should represent just your personality. Designer perfume bottles sell handsomely in the range of $35 to $80 per once or even more. Designer perfumes and colognes are one of the most expensive and popular gifts that an individual can buy during a special occasion.

A recent survey has proved nearly 50% of perfume sales are during holidays or during birthdays, anniversaries etc. Celebrities love to be in the limelight. When celebrities endorse a perfume bottle they become part of good press, they can showcase their personality and earn huge profits simultaneously. Celebrities are a brand by itself therefore by endorsing a perfume bottle of companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Versace and Armani they create something called as co branded product. This collaboration is highly lucrative because the company gets profit and celebrity a brand name.

Celebrity endorsing of a perfume bottle started in the late nineties with perfume bottles like Love's Baby Soft and Charlie. However, celebrity endorsement reached an ultimate high when Elizabeth Taylor endorsed the brand and concocted a perfume entitled White Diamonds. Elizabeth Taylor was out of movies yet she manages to create a perfume that still falls among the current best sellers of perfumes. The other revolution was created by top actress Jennifer Lopez when she invented her own perfume brand called Glow in 2002 which was inspired from her movie and music career.

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Prestigious brands are roping in celebrities to endorse their products. Guerlain has collaborated with Hillary Swank to endorse their perfume Insolence for her enigmatic and mysterious personality. Chanel has roped in famous actress Kiera Knightley to endorse their popular perfume Coco. This trend of celebrities endorsing perfumes does not seem to die down soon relating to the current market scenario. The question is why do celebrities endorse perfumes, what do the major corporations gain through such collaboration?

The fragrance industry is creates profits in billions every year and this is precisely the reason that celebrities endorse a brand of perfume. The companies invest millions of dollars in its marketing and publicity for example the launch of Jennifer Lopez’s perfume became the second biggest launch of perfume ever in the history of perfume industry. Companies follow such slick marketing strategies that a consumer is compelled to buy a perfume bottle endorsed by their favorite celebrity.

The bottle of perfume also provides a brand name by itself as it just is an extension of your personality. Many creative artistes and singers also have their own perfume label to showcase their uniqueness and distinct style. Famous among them are singers Carlos Santana (Carlos), Enrique Iglesias (True Star), Michael Jackson (Mystique de Michael Jackson, Legende de Michael Jackson, Magic Beat Unwind, Magic Beat Heartbeat, Magic Beat Wildfire, Michael Jackson Mystery), Sean John (Unforgivable, Unforgivable Woman, Multi-Platinum) and Usher (For Him and For Her). By endorsing a bottle of perfume you can propagate your style to the consumer.

The consumer can relate to fragrance easily and you always remembered through time. Celebrities also like to create a fragrance brand as secures their longevity as a celebrity. By creating a brand of yourself you can be remembered throughout time for your enigmatic personality and be the minds of many consumers. Celebrities also like to achieve the famous FiFi awards which are regarded as the ‘Oscars’ of the fragrance industry. Read about Doughnut Industry

The awards are given out to companies who produce perfume bottles with best marketing, quality and packaging. In 2006, Naomi Campbell had won this famous award for her perfume entitled Mystery. Many movie stars, models and singers have created their own brand of perfume and this trend is certainly not going to die down in the coming ages because of its huge popularity. This trend is a success for its brilliant marketing and packaging as the consumer loves to have a piece of their own favorite celebrity.

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