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Name of Essay: Fostering Nepali Youth to become Champions of Reform: Designing a Better Future for the Country Name of Author: Sushil Kumar Mahato. Department of Pharmacy, Bahauddin Zakaria university, Multan, Pakistan. Age: 21 years Contact : mahatosushil92@yahoo. com Mobile number: 00923326019248 I have a special dream for the country. I have a dream of New Nepal in which every citizen owes his own home as I do . Every citizen has access to basic needs of food and clothing.

Every citizen is provided with opportunity of job which fits him well as per his qualification. Every citizen has access to facilities of healthcare and education for his family as I do . Every citizen has equal access for various opportunities without any discrimination based on sex, race ,religion ,regional variations ,political influences and economic status of an individual. These needs and aspirations of Nepalese citizens must be addressed by the constitution of New Nepal. I have dreamt of it today and to fulfill the dream of New Nepal is the aim of my life. Dare to dream Youth.

How can Nepal line up with the developing countries when half of its population comprising of youth is facing hard times struggling to meet the needs of his family in the gulf countries? How can Nepalese society lead to peace and prosperous if majority of young children are deprived of proper education due to poverty, illiteracy and lack of awareness? How can Nepalese society march ahead in path of progress when large population of female youth is living their life in a strong feeling of hatred, insecurity and fear in their own home? The 21st century is the generation which says no discrimination based on gender .

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The world has progressed a lot in terms of gender development and emphasize on gender equity. Female are as competent as males in every sector of life but still a great number of Nepalese young women is facing gender discrimination in their own homes. As majority of rural society is facing gender crises, the agony of most rural young girls can be heard in such voices, Am I born as a Jewel and pearl, Then, why do my parents hide me from the world, My brother goes to school and is well fed, I word hard even have to struggle for food,

But the fate of jewels is to give shine to all, Then why do my parents make me work in the fields all the day long, With mud and in the hot sun, Why cannot they distinguish my sweats and tears, Do I have to live all my life with fear? It’s my great aspiration to fight against all these circumstances and lead a country toward prosperity but as 21 years old I know my limits. However, knowing my limits doesn’t mean that I can’t try to dream about changing the situation . We are the present Youth of our nation and we have the power to change the country more than any government.

If this happen the change along with the impact would be massive. Earlier the question used to be, ’what can the country do for youth? But at present age the question should be turned into ‘what youth can do for the country? ’ Presently Nepal is undergoing through internal conflicts, which has been emerged from the unrealized rights, demands and aspirations of citizens. Constitutions drafting has been halted and the constituent assembly had gone unnatural death as it was dissolved without drafting constitution on 28th May 2012.

About 25 percent of the members of constituent assembly were among youth categories but they could not play better roles in constitutional drafting process They were just used as the vote bank by the political parties. Imbalances of power, sense of ideological supremacies, identity politics and absence of strong law enforcing mechanism has led the nation to internal conflict . In these situation the influences of foreign interference has been increased in last few months especially from neighbours of Nepal i. e India and China.

Nepalese youth are responsible for all these critical situations directly or indirectly as they are largely involved in politics. Youth should be able to convince their leaders and entire Nepalese community for the right options and suitable role models for the issues such as state reconstructing which is hanging out . One of the most easiest and most powerful ways for youth population to participate in important decisions and issues is by exercising their voting rights . Youth must promise today that they will not select any corrupt, killer, dishonest leader to represent the people for drafting the new constitution.

An important role of every young generation is to vote for those who think is right to lead the country toward a better future. The youth have the benefit of being able to learn from past mistakes, therefore, the political choices - and voices - of every generation should become smarter, sharper and more critical. In theory this will lead us towards a more equal and democratic world. The problem facing by youth is the lack of technical education. If youth is trained and educated in the right manner, they will play a very constructive role in nation building.

They will help the government and state and private institutions in implementation of national policies. Whereas , if Youth is not in the right direction and is unconcerned about the future of the Nation, it will just be a burden for the nation as a whole and will play no productive role. Properly educated and given right opportunities they can play a significant part in lifting themselves, their families and communities out of poverty. Currently Nepalese Youth are facing several problems. The most critical problem being faced by our youth is unemployment.

Unemployment is a multi-dimensional and complex issue which starts a vicious circle of associated problems like involvement of youth in politics, bank and household burglaries, social insecurity, lawlessness, use of drugs etc. Youth are the building blocks of nation. Employment sector should be created as per need of youth. The situation of Nepal is quite different now. In history of the country the good news is that a few year ago new ministry called Youth and sports ministry has been formed to address the problems facing by the youths.

A few years ago the then government has launched self employment fund for the needy people and various skill training were given to youth to generate their own jobs, but it could not be implemented effectively and little or no progress was achieved. The youth community should unite together for the improvement of employment sector and also they should press the government to make strategies to develop industrial sector. Also Proper agreement should be made between the government and foreign employment providers to reduce and end the violence Nepalese youth are facing aboard in employment.

A number of civil service reform commissions have been constituted and recommendations made for strengthening Nepal Civil Service. Despite five decades of experiments with democratic practices, the behavior and mind-set of politicians and bureaucrats have not changed significantly to introduce civil service reforms on a result-oriented basis. Youth have incredible energies, talents and unquestionable love for their country. The passion of our youth in the time of disaster like flood, earthquake is the best examples of unity and patriotism for the country .

A separate civil service for youth should be established and youth should be emphasized to involve in it. Youth can bring major changes in the efficiency of the services provided to the public in quick and reliable way. Another serious drawback which is hindering development process is the Corruption. Youth should be actively participation in the developmental activities to correct the irresponsible behavior shown by the authority. Questions such as,’ How much money is being spent and how is it being spent? Is that road being built correctly and transparently?

Is that community of Muslims being treated fairly? How can the Government of Nepal in Kathmandu help the rural community? ’ can be aroused which would largely control the corruption at local level. Youth today have the perfect opportunity to emulate his approach, especially as the country now moves towards state restructuring. There can be more opportunities to engage in local development as NGO workers and in local Political body in DDCs and VDCs, which although have atrophied over the past two decades are the country’s great hope.

That’s where Nepali youth can play a great role in decision making and seek accountability. Poverty is another major problem of our nation. Today youth must promise today that they will not let any poor people to die from hunger and will try to find the needy people and help them as per one’s capability. The youth hopes for a world free of poverty, unemployment, inequality and exploitation of man by man, a world free of discrimination on the grounds of race, language and gender, a world full of creative challenges and opportunities to conquer them.

Youth must promise today that they will try to help each other and will clean their mind from any kind of prejudice, bias, hatred and will treat all others as equal to them. Further they must make a commitment today that they will help the society for the promotion of education, honest and conscious. Let’s convert these hopes into reality. Our youth in the grim situation finds no other consolation resort to the use of drugs. Growing use of narcotics is becoming a major problem of our youth. Such practices should be strongly discouraged through youth campaigns.

Youth are the hopes of the country for tomorrow. To contribute in nation building they should study hard now so that they could become a skilled person in the future and can participate in the developmental works of the country. The youth can learn a lot from past mistakes and with time will become more intelligent and more prepared. Last but not least, the role of media in upbringing our youth has been minimal throughout the history of Nepal. Most of the youth find our Tvprogrammes non-entertaining and unattractive.

The influences of western fashion and lifestyles have influenced the Nepalese society to a large extent. As a consequence of cultural invasion, our youth’s role in promoting our country has been dismal. Youth of Nepal should strongly discourage such practices through youth compaings and media can play an important role in this regard. The youth of today can do a marvellous job for the nation. With all the modern means of this computer age, where everything seems to be possible, why can’t the youth override the things done by the people in the past?

We always consider the heroes of the past to be the evergreen characters. But today the youth with the proper use of the modern facilities should be evergreen characters for the times to come. Nepal can become a developed nation only if youth contribute to the best of his or her capacity and ability. Youth is wholly experimental and with the full utilization of their talents they will certainly be the champions of reforms designing a better future of tomorrow and Nepal will become a complete nation. Today there is a hope, we have opportunity. et’s give clear message to youth community, ‘Let’s involve together. We are strong’. Let me end my writing here with an inspiring quote said by the great leader Mahatma Gandhi,’ You may never know what results come of your action, but if u do nothing there will be no results’ . I am confident, with the active participation of youth the country will emerge stronger, more stable and ultimately more prosperous in the history of Nepal and the Youth of Nepal will be the example for the developing world. References: 1. www. usaid. ov. com. article titled,’ Nepali Youth and the Political Process – From the “Inside” as well as “Outside” 2. www. usaid. com. article titled,’ Optimistic about the Role of Youth in Nepal’ 3. www. weitz-centre. org. Article/handbook. Youth participation in development:strategies and best practices. 4. A debate compiled by me on the topic,’Supporting women to join law enforcement and judicial system’organised by Women social organization Multan Pakistan dated 20th,April 2012 under gender equity program by support of USAIDS.

A copy of proof of my participation is attached with this. 5. www. moys. gov. np. articletitled,’National Youth policy 2010’. Ministry of Youth and sports. 6. Eassy compiled by me as called by National Human right commission. titled,’Justice and dignity for all of us’. A written appreciation letter for my work is attached with this. Attached Alongwith: 1. A copy of my citizenship. 2. Appreciation letter (as mentioned in the reference. ) 3. certificate of participation in debate(as mentioned in the reference)

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